You ever experienced that some person did something really stupid and then denies it later on or blames other people?

Did you ever experience such behavior on a weekly basis (I mean with really really stupid stuff)?

No? You are such a lucky person then, because you havent met my mom in law.

This stupid stuff happens at random, they are unexpected and hit you out of nowhere.

Just as an example, we are sitting in the living room in my parents in law apartment. Mom in law brakes by accident a cup, and puts it somewhere no one can see it right away but my wife is witness to it all. So she takes the cup and points out that the handle is broken off.

Her moms reaction is like “It wasnt me, I have nothing to do with it”

My wife then “But I saw you doing it”

Mom in law “No no, it wasnt me”

Wife “But I saw it just now!”

Mom in law “It’s your father’s fault to put it there!”

And then it comes to blaming the dad…


Another time we watched some Chinese TV show and in it the Female lead is saying something really stupid to her child like “Don’t eat the watermelon seeds, they will start growing in your tummy”. My wife turns to her mom and says “That is exactly what you told me”

Mom in law, laughing “I never told you something like that, how stupid would I be to say such things”

Wife “I remember it clearly!”

Mom in law “No no, I never said something like that”

Dad in law jumps in then “You used to tell her that every time when eating watermelon”

Mom in law “It’s because of you!”


And so on …

Yeap, there are many more stories, too many to be told, too many to remember them all. I guess I will just tape everything next time we spent time with her 😉

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