Pancake Day

The previous blog post about the food my wife makes was rather well received so I convinced my wife to make another wonderful dish.

As before I have to mention  that the ingredients and different steps are not written down on purpose as I just have no clue at all (I only can boil water anything more than that is exceeding my abilities). In case you are interested in more information just leave a comment and I shall do my best to figure those things out.

For this wonderful day I present you:

西葫芦饼 Zucchini pancakes with 酱油醋蒜调味汁soya sauce with vinegar, garlic and chili. In the last picture you see the final dish together with a cold cucumber side dish and some congee.


Pancakes? Pancakes! Do you like them and how many different styles and version do you know?

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41 thoughts on “Pancake Day”

  1. I want the recipe! 😛 I tried making similar ones but I messed them up so bad 😛 the dough grew so much that it literally consumed the plate and most of the table XD

    1. Very simple pancake;)

      1. Mix one egg, flor, salt and water till a thick texture (thick but still I liquid form.)

      2. Add finely chopped zucchini to the mixture.

      3. One table spoon of oil in hot pan and fry the pancake till it shows golden color both sides.


      Simply mix two TS of soya sauce, one TS of vinegar, garlic oil and chili powder.

  2. Love the pics, and praises to your wife! 😀 I’d like the recipe as well! I make some yummy breakfast pancakes, but really pancakes in lunch or dinner style sounds even more yummy 😀

    1. They are a bit different than latkes but then again they have to be due to the different ingredients. I think the idea behind both of these dishes are pretty much the same. In Germany we do not really have any dipping sauce for latkes, just put some sugar on top, so what are you dipping it with?

      1. No, these were latkes that my partner made. No dipping sauce. Just sour cream or plain yogurt.

        Your wife’s recipe is great but I’m a lazy slog. I’m more stir fry person… 🙂

  3. Pancake is a tricky word to translate, because in North American culture at least it implies a sweet breakfast food. Supposed to have maple syrup and all. Is it like that in Ouzhou?

    That said, I love Chinese flatcakes yum!

    1. I don’t know ouzhou so I cannot say anything about it. This flatbread/ pancake or whatever it is is also pretty heavy meal. My wife is always making it for dinner however I know from the street riches that they offer a variety of different pancakes during morning hours and non of them are sweat, just super heavy and you don’t need anything after one of them for half day

      1. Oh, oh! Never saw the pinyin, only heard few times so I totally forgot. I think it depends on the country here what they put on their pancakes but usually it is finland and some parts of Germany we put either sugar or some nice jam on the pancakes 🙂

    1. Its nice to see that many people know this dish or similar ones. In the next weeks I will post another “pancake” article but it will be a different version which I actually prefer more 🙂

  4. Aw this looks delicious. I have learned a few pancake recipes from my Chinese father-in-law, but I am usually too lazy to make them myself. My mother taught me a few Russian recipes though. The only time I make pancakes is, when I want to eat sweet pancakes because they don’t sell them in China.

    1. I think i had too many sweat pancakes from my mom in the past 28 years so they are not my favorite anymore (but waffles are!). In the next weeks I will also have another post about another version of this kind of “pancake”, there are just so many varieties of them so I focus on the ones my wife makes very well 🙂

  5. Pancakes actually have multiple meanings for me. Light fluffy ones with a dollop of butter and dash of maple syrup… or potato latke with sour cream – yum! Or spicy fermented uttapam… or… or… Darn! I think I’m hungry and better go make me some pancakes! 🙂

  6. All countries I’ve ever lived (except Belgium) has it’s own version of pancakes. And I love all of them. No matter if they’re sweet or savory, give them to me! Going to have some for brunch right now, you made me hungry.

  7. Actually what is the difference between a zucchini and a cucumber? I always thought they are the same.

    I would prefer the more basic 从油煎饼, maybe I will grab the stuff to make it next weekend! 😀

  8. Oh yum I love zuccini pancakes! I like how you admit you can only boil water haha..but no matter as you get to eat your wife’s delicious Chinese cooking! I definitely need to learn to make a few more Chinese recipes.

    1. I am very glad that I don’t have to eat the food I cook anymore. The problem with my wife’s great food is that it happens too often that when we are invited at a friends place their food tastes…too plain 🙂

  9. My wife learned how to make pancakes from an old family friend (Her kids and I grew up together) who describes herself as an old Arkansas (Arkensaw for you non-Americans) hillbilly.

    What amazed my wife was that she cooked them on an old cast iron skillet. Now I too had cast iron skillets, but my wife refused to use them because she thought it was black because it was dirty. But she watched as she cooked a bunch of pancakes, then she cooked sausage patties, then added some flour to bacon grease, stirred the flour till it was “cooked,” added milk, stirred till it was thick and creamy, then added back the sausage (broken up) for sausage gravy.

    The next morning she said she was going to make gravy for me, but I told her I wanted to make some toast. She was floored when she saw me use the skillet to toast my bread.

    I later showed her how to make biscuits and or cornbread using the skillet in the oven instead of a baking pan.

    Now my wife loves her cast iron cookware. A cast iron skillet was one of her first purchases on Taobao when we came to China, which she uses every day. She has also bought some for her sisters and friends, but they don’t really like it and don’t understand why my wife likes it so much.

    1. The cast iron cookware is superior if you ask me 🙂
      We have only one cast iron baking things (I never know what they are called, not even in my nativ language, seems I am just useless in the kitchen) however my mother got many of them to make food. It is interesting to hear that your wife thought that they are dirty, bascically they are just working perfectly when reaching that state 😀

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