A noodle Day

As I have promised before I am starting to post every now and then some pictures of the food my wife is preparing.

The ingredients and different steps are not written down on purpose as I just have no clue at all (I only can boil water anything more than that is exceeding my abilities). In case you are interested in more information just leave a comment and I shall do my best to figure those things out.

For today I present you my favorites:

西红柿鸡蛋面 and 油泼面 as for many of you this won’t mean anything lets call them just tomato-egg noodles and oil noodles as I have no clue about their English names.

In the pictures you can see several steps of preparing those noodles. However the stuff you see in the pan with the tomatoes etc is for my very favorite tomato-egg noodles while I left out the last step for the oil noodles (my wife likes them more than I …) as it involves pouring hot oil over the noodles covered in green onions and powdered spices.

What are your favorite “Asian” dishes?

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51 thoughts on “A noodle Day”

  1. Reading this now on my commute home, I’m hungry. Like you, my Chinese other half is the cooking one in our relationship. I can cook somewhat as well, but he’s a chef, hence, I just let him do it (I’m spoiled). I’ll ask my husband about these dishes. Actually the wide noodles look like ‘ban tiao’ a type of Hakka rice noodle. Here in Taiwan, 番茄炒蛋 fried eggs with tomatoes popular, as a home cooked dish, never seen it with noodles though, looks pretty good!

    1. Yes, 蕃茄炒蛋 is very popular with Taiwanese indeed, but we never had it with noodles, only with rice. But then, it’s a good idea to try! Especially with self made noodles – cool!

  2. Wow, your wife makes noodles from scratch! Haha…I’ve seen similar kind of handcut noodles in korean dishes too but we don’t have thick ones like that in mine..but the end product looks good! 😄

  3. Yummy. That’s great that she can cook and bring the flavors from your home country to Germany. Because I can’t imagine there is much in the way of Asian food there. When I was in Austria, I was too afraid to try the Asian food…after all, why bother, I live in Thailand! 😛

    1. That’s true , here is not so much good Asian food. The Asian styled restaurants have a pretty German taste already and my wife is not a big fan of them (though we can eat for free twice a month in one restaurant:p)

  4. Wow! I am impressed by your wife’s cooking noodles from scatch and your food photography skills. I was going to say the same [that they look like bian tiao] but Ashley bet me to the punch.

    At our house, I always cook Western cuisine and my husband cooks Asian food.

    My favorite has to be ‘san bei ji’ [three cup chicken]!

    1. I never have any idea about the dishes. It could be that my wife’s dish is some kind of mix as it has different noodles 🙂
      MIL is very good in making all kind of noodles BUT she is not really able when it comes to the rest and hence the food is often rather….bad.
      I am happy that my wife is able to make so good food as I have still some pieces of memory of my life alone and my cooking skills…let’s call them survival skills :p

  5. Unknown green stuff is also known as the spring onion 青葱. It’s more used as garnishing as far as food that I’m familiar with is concerned, but it can be cooked too. And it’s good for people who hates the strong smell of red onions (people like me).

    I love these noodles too, as long as I am not the one making it. I sucks with making dough of any kind! 😀

    1. The dough is always a pain/ the cleaning!

      Yeah, green onions, good that you said the name, forgot it already even though I am the one buying the ingredients always :p
      My wife only adds them for flavor, she hates the taste of them and leaves them always on the plate. I am an entire different matter and always eat everything 🙂

    1. The noodle world is so different from the one I know from Europe. Sure I like the occasional pasta but they just don’t come close to the millions of noodle dishes inthe Asian world 🙂

    1. It really seems that I am very lucky 🙂
      My wife loves to cook and try out new things whenever she has enough time thus there is a huge variety of the dishes she can prepare these days. Now with little Nathan there is a bit less time so she makes the dishes she knows the best and hence I have many times a year now the luck to have some noodles days

  6. That looks really yummy!

    Unfortunately my Chinese bf is not really too much into cooking, so I am the official cook of the household which means Italian cuisine mainly. I’d love to have more Chinese home cooking in our house though.. Well, at least he takes care of washing the dishes afterwards!

  7. Consider yourself lucky to have such a talented wife.
    I really enjoyed these beautiful photos and am really
    looking forward to the next ones !

    1. Thank you! For some reason your comment(s) were ending up in the spam folder. Seems like the automatic system is not so smart 🙂

      I will try to put out every few weeks some posts about the food. Usually I only manage to take pictures during the weekend when my wife is cooking as I am within the week at work…
      There are still several other dishes which might be interesting so I will try to convince her in the next weeks to make them

  8. Consider yourself lucky to have such a
    talented cook as wife.
    I really enjoyed these beautiful photos and am already looking forward
    to the next ones !!!

  9. The noodles are made from scratch? Looks divine! I want to marry your wife *lol*. My favorite Asian dishes? There are so many! One of the spicy Thai salads? Japanese wagyu? Korean BBQ or a nice bibimbap…and of course Peking duck:)

  10. Gosh, handmade noodles…..my mother never made them. Therefore no one in our family knows how to make them.

    Enjoy them now, crazy. Later your wife might be too tired to make them when Nathan starts to really run around..Hey time for Finnish food from you. 🙂 Or maybe you all will buy dumpfnudel from the local German bakery..

    1. Oh and normal Finnish food is easy, just don’t add any flavours:p

      I am no big fan of the standard Finnish cuisine, it is just too boring however many of the German dishes I love as there is more variety

    1. 900 grams of flour, 360-400ml water plus a tee spoon salt 😉 then let the bread maker do the rest;) it is 4 portions.

      If not having a bread maker then mix the flour and water with hands, knead the dough for 10 minutes and let it stand covered for 10 minutes. After that, do the kneading one more time for 5 minutes, then it is ready!

      1. My wife also knows the dish with rice. However with the noodles it is used in Shaanxi, her province and the noodles are more ‘juicy’ so the flavor is more present

  11. Looks so tasty! I love to cook noodles, but I have never made them myself. I really am impressed that your wife spends so much time to make them by herself. That really motivates me to make some on my own soon too! 😀
    My favorites are Wonton noodle soup, and I make them frequently as you can freeze Wonton really well.

    1. She learned making noodles from her parents. It is usually a bit work but to get the dough done we use equally a bread maker (to mix everything for a while) and then it is just rolling, slicing and whatnot all is needed.
      MIL made tons of wonton before leaving but by now barely any are left in our freezer has we have eaten it too often :p

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