Going to China

This will be just a short blog post as I am in the middle of craziness which happens when you fly next morning and nothing is ready yet. I always promise myself that I will start the preparation process much earlier the next time but thus far I have failed all my life with it.

The day has been spent by running through the city to buy last presents for the family and all kind of other people we meet there, finishing up MIL’s Visa application (indeed the Chaos Queen is coming again to bring us terror this summer), packing, packing more, running again to city to buy stuff we forgot, packing, bringing the bunnies to my parents apartment, cleaning the fish tanks, packing, taking care that my father has everything with him, filling out papers for the customs, running again to the city, packing, cleaning the apartment and starting to think how on earth we get to the airport next morning.

I’ll be back!

As you can see it has been a really fun day but now I am also happy that my mother is staying behind in Germany. Now she can take care of our bunnies, feed the fishes and shrimps, refill the tanks, water the flowers and I hope we have a clean apartment again once we return and a filled fridge.  For me a holidays never starts till I am in the final stretch to the journey. So this means for our trip that my holiday won’t start till we are sitting in the plane from Helsinki to Xi’an. The flight from Hamburg to Helsinki is still  unsettling as we had it before that it was delayed and thus we missed our connecting flight and thus we had to return home after running through the airport for an entire day to try to catch other flights (more about that at some point in the future, even now after so long time I am still very annoyed about that day).

What worries me right now the most is the part where we all get picked up from Xi’an airport by my in-laws. We are three adults plus little Nathan with tons of luggage. To be precise the first four suitcases filled the entire trunk of my parents car (mom will try her best to drive us to the airport, yay and it is really scary). My in-laws don’t have any car and I don’t think that anyone of their friends does have a big enough car…

The car is about this full once again

Oh no, now I am worrying again too much about it and I should actually go to bed instead to get few hours of rest before this upcoming too long day. The only positive thing right now on my mind is the food in China which I have missed for far too long.

When do you start preparing for going to holidays?

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45 thoughts on “Going to China”

  1. I’m definitely a last minute packer too…but I must admit I’m a bit concerned about our upcoming trip to Europe this summer. I’ve never packed for a long trip with a baby before, and I’m more than a little worried about ALL THE LUGGAGE. Your car looks stuffed!!!

  2. Alright, China adventures begin anew! You must miss it a bit, right?

    But seriously you trust your MIL to take care of pets!

    1. Nah it is not my Mil with the pets but my mother. She is slightly better in that field 🙂
      Wonder if we manage to travel somewhere this time in China. My wife mentioned something about a tourist group around the shanghai area

      1. Oh I see, sorry about that mix up. That’s what I get for reading blogs too fast when I’m running late! Haha glad your mom is good in that field

  3. Have a lovely holiday.

    I hope your family and you will do a spot of travelling in China. Good to hear you are on the mend.

  4. It sounds like you’ve got everything planned, Crazy. That does sound and look like a lot of stuff all of you are bringing to China. I suppose quite a bit of the luggage consists of presents for family and friends over there. Wonder if you will have more suitcases when you come back 😀

    I am one big planner and like to plan and research my holidays well in advance, even if it’s just a holiday where I take a round trip of my backyard…

  5. I’m really bad at packing, so I’ll usually postpone it until last minute and then forget half of the stuff I had planned to bring. I’m so happy to hear that you’re on your way to China, and I’m sure it will work out just fine with all your luggage. Have a safe trip and enjoy the food:)

      1. Haha, we will be actually in Shanghai for 1 1/2 days (25th-26th of April) but I don’t know how much time we even have as we will be with some tourist group powering through several cities with only little rest in between

  6. Have a good trip! I also usually remember about buying gifts the day before leaving, so I normally end up bringing no gifts, haha.

    Why do you have so much luggage?? Are you staying for a year?? 😀

    1. Thankfully we still don’t have to wait till school holidays as Nathan is still so young. In Germany everything is so much more expensive when traveling during school holiday season 😦

  7. Hmm, maybe now is a good time to import a dose of “crazy” from the MIL, like, for example, do stupid things to mess up the visa application for her to come this summer. You have so many things going on now, perfect excuse to drop the ball! 😀

  8. Will it be your wife, Nathan, and your father going to China? I hope that you will not have any flight delays! I wrote a post about packing, including when to start getting ready… Even if you know you should start earlier, I guess it’s hard to change your ways ^^

    1. Indeed it is Nathan, my wife , father and me traveling. Thankfully we didn’t had any delays and everything went very very smoothly. In fact it went pretty much perfect except that I couldn’t sleep at all on the flight from Finland to China…well I never can but at least there were some interesting movies such as the revenant and the hateful eight 🙂

  9. Have a nice trip and plenty of fun! And eat loads of food. XD You know, to compensate for all the time you didn’t. (I’m kidding, don’t overdo it.)

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