Surviving New Year

My first post for this very young year is about how we celebrated New Year. For some little info on how we celebrated Christmas check out this post from last week. Right from the beginning I must add that I have no clue on how to properly celebrate New Year here in Germany nor do I have any clue on how it is done in Finland. In case there are certain traditions please feel free to tell me!

The Table for the Eating Marathon

During all my childhood each New Year was the same. It started each time by taking a walk through the nearby park in the morning, have the potato salad for dinner (no lunch!! I really wonder why!) at the old ladies place where we already had the very same dish on Christmas and then watch some TV and then fire some rockets to join all the other people who love destroying their money through fireworks. Really interesting, isn’t it? In Finland in comparison it was the first years more like a big party with my friends however the last few years it calmed down a lot for me and I just enjoyed it together with my wife by doing nearly nothing except visiting some friends for a nice dinner. This all changed when we moved back to Germany last year. Sure my parents still have their old routine but all in all we do it a bit different.

The thing is that we started to celebrate not only with my parents but also with my brother and his girlfriend. A mere potato salad wouldn’t do the trick so we “upgraded” and bought a Raclette table grill last year. I know Raclette ain’t a German tradition but hey, I have not a clue what is a real tradition in Germany for New Year so this should be fine as well. The thing is about having this grill is that we not only prepare the standard Raclette but also grill tons of other food…too much food. Since last year the New Year celebration has become an eating marathon and days after you still feel all those extra pounds you gained within few hours. Though we bought already only half the amount of food compared to last year there was still enough left to have a proper lunch the next day with the leftovers, at least we didn’t waste any food. My dear mother is not a big fan of celebrations so she spend most of the evening watching TV, avoiding all the eating. The good thing about it is that she could watch Nathan while we stuffed ourselves full.

Fireworks, lets burn some money

One thing I forgot to mention, there is actually a “German” tradition we do/ watch each New Year. This tradition is to watch “Dinner for One” which is a comedy sketch which is originally written by the British author Lauri Wylie and was later on recorded by the German television in 1963. It is shown on nearly every German TV channel on New Year several times and is through that the most frequently repeated TV program ever. After all the eating, drinking and watching the same tv show has been done/ survived it is time for the final preparations for the countdown. As last year we went for this down to my parents apartment due to a special reason which I will mention soon. Anyways at my parents apartment we prepared again some Berliner, sparkling wine and the fireworks. By that time my mother was once again already entirely annoyed by all the people and noise but still she stayed for watching the countdown and the fireworks. So the reason for going to my parents apartment except of annoying my mother are the fireworks. My parents have a huge balcony from which we can fire all those rockets, saving us a trip to the streets or plaza outside and with it the dangers of being it by some misfired rockets.

As you can see nothing too special was done except drowning in food and annoying my mother. Nathan watched the fireworks this year again as he woke up once again shortly before midnight. I really wonder why he wakes up each New Year around the same time whereas all the other night he just sleeps through. Lets see what 2016 will bring, I hope it will be a turning point for my health and perhaps a less unhealthy next year New Year celebration.

What did you do on New Year?

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29 thoughts on “Surviving New Year”

  1. Maybe Nathan can feel all the excitement, so he wakes up to join the fun! I think as long as you enjoy the night, however you celebrate the new year is the right way to celebrate it! Happy New Year! I wish you the best in 2016!

      1. Vibrations through the ground? Sixth sense? Kids always know when they shouldn’t wake up, and wake up! Thank you!

  2. I haven’t had German potato salad and Raclette for ages. I last had East German caraway sausage (it was very meaty) and veal n beef patties(both were very good) just after the Berlin Wall came down.

    The temperature on New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day plunged. A lazy day for sorting out some of the photos I have taken on my phone (so much work) and my travel plans to Istanbul in January (it’s not the time for sight seeing; it will be cold but my next holiday is not till the summer (it can be too hot to walk around in Istanbul and expansive, too).

    Wishing you and your family the best in 2016.

    1. That’s a long time since you those foods in Germany last time! The only good thing about traveling somewhere “off season” is that it is cheaper and less crowded but usually it comes with the downside that the weather ain’t that great

  3. Well, you are more exciting than we are. We watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy and tried to keep the dog from freaking out over all the illegal fireworks — none of which were ours.

    Oh, and Andy did make fondue, which was awesome and so I guess we did drown in food, German-style, also. 🙂

    1. Oh lord of the rings ain’t that bad, now I have the urge to watch all the movies again 🙂
      Those illegal fireworks are terrible and dangerous. Sometimes it sounded like a huge explosion on new year as if a old bomb from WWII exploded!

  4. I was in Maryland with my daughters and their families on New Year’s Eve. One daughter and her family went to a party with old college friends. The party, which included eating, talking, and playing card games, started in the afternoon and lasted until two or three in the morning–11 hours in all. Another daughter and her family went to bed early and attended a New Years Day party. I went to that one, but it was so noisy, I didn’t stay very long.

    I hope next year will be a good one for you and your family.

    1. Sounds very interesting but indeed it can be rather annoying when it is too crowded or noisy at a party. I prefer myself to celebrate these events with my family but then again, I also prefer hanging out with only one or two friends at a time without going out partying. Seems I am these days a much more calmer person compared to my university years

  5. The temperature here plunged to -11 degrees that night and I wasn’t very enthusiastic about firing the fireworks outside, so I stayed inside and watched some fireworks from the balcony. We popped some champagne at midnight and that’s about it. On the three days of break, I finished more than two entire seasons of Breaking Bad series with my boyfriend, haha. From morning until midnight, non stop. It is so addicting.
    I also do not know what Polish new years tradition is, other than drinking and partying. In Nepal. we use Nepali calender (it’s 2072 right now!) and the new year falls in English month of April. It’s normal for Nepali families to go on outdoor picnics, dance, sing and eat a lot on that day.
    I convey you New Year wishes and hope your health speedily improves. 🙂

    1. I got myself to watch only one maximum two episodes per day of a tv show. Otherwise I run through them all within few days and need to find a new show asap which is not always too easy.
      We had a pretty warm evening so it was no problem to stay for some time on the balcony and enjoy the fireworks however now the temperature went down much more that it ain’t fun to be out now

  6. So those are homemade Berliners? The one with all the Smarties or M&Ms on top of them, those two look very good but I don’t know if I can stomach all that sugar in one go.

    Happy New Year, Crazy. Wishing you good health and take care. I too am wishing good health over here. Haven’t been well for a bit since end of last year. On New Year eve at the last minute I decided to go out and take photos of the fireworks. It wasn’t a good shoot but it was a fun experienced nonetheless.

    1. All those Berliner are from a bakery. Each new year the bakeries have all kind of flavors available 🙂
      I didn’t even try to take any good pictures of the fireworks ,just aimed up when I saw some fireworks. Wishing you also all the best for this year

      1. Those special flavours must be more expensive than the usual Berliners during other times of the year. But we could all do with a treat every now and then 🙂

    1. Oh how nice that you had raclette too. Thankfully we had only half the amount of food compared to the year before. Last time we had raclette on new year and also for next dinner and still we had to throw away some rests in the end!
      Nathan is surely a firework junkie, wonder how he does it to wake up both times out of nowhere

  7. Fireworks are actually tightly regulated here in Canada. At least in the big cities. We were in Vancouver (our 2nd home) where we watched tv annual Canadian comedy shows that do retrospective on 2015 and other stuff.

    One of the comedians we’ll be going to a live performance for my birthday in town. 🙂 So we’ll be laughing more on my birthday.

    On New Year’s Eve, I actually went to bed before midnight. Fell asleep oblivious to distant annual fireworks show a few kms. away.

    1. How are the fireworks regulated in Canada? In Germany only certain stores can sell them and you are only allowed to use them during midnight. However there are always stupid people buying them from the black market or from east European countries and those ones are really dangerous.

      1. Only certain stores can sell and would be simple low sparklers, etc. Probably varies by province. But I am aware of federal law …I was a librarian for th Ontario provincial fire marshal’s office. Fireworks safety ….is actually fire and explosion safety. Yes, our statistical data plus the library had international statistics on injuries and deaths caused by fireworks.

        I believe there is a legal permit required to launch more dangerous/bigger fireworks. The municipality along with the fire department would be together on this matter.

        It shocks me what does happen in Asia for ordinary people handling fireworks.

      2. In Germany there are every year few death cases and bad injuries due to illegal fireworks from east Europe. I watched some of the comparisons between the German standard fireworks and the illegal ones, it’s shocking. While the German fireworks would leave you with few burns when keeping it in your hand instead of going to safety distance, the illegal ones would blow any half a body!
        The Chinese fireworks are very scary for me whenever I am in china. You can witness them there several times a week in big cities due to all the funeral and weddings and whatnot All

  8. Sounds like a very nice and cozy way to celebrate NYE. In Denmark most people would eat cod and watch The Dinner for One/The 90th Birthday. Everybody would also watch the Queen’s speech and the prime minister’s speech and eat “Kransekage”. This year I was at a party at some Swedish friends’ place in Dubai, so we just had a barbecue:)

    1. Oh I somehow forgot to add the speeches as well as some kind of tradition. The German chancellor always gives a speech for new year ,oh well…this year we missed it due to stuffing our bellies full of food 🙂

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