Sunday Shopping and Duck Race

Today we had one of the few Sunday Shopping days in which the city is opened on a holy Sunday. Last year I actually wrote about this so you can find in this article more information about this stupid situation here in Germany and why there are barely any people around on Sundays. This Sunday was also a bit special as we had the yearly Duck Race in the city once again (here the article about it from 2015), we had some Street Food gathering going on and a Classic Car Meeting as well.

All the ducks shortly before the start

This year we skipped the Duck Race and I only took few pictures before the start. It is not because we have no interest in watching it but we have a little puppy who needs to get out around 3pm each day and that is also the time the race would start. We had surprisingly good weather with a lot of sunshine unlike the entire last week which had only storms for us.  I would love to tell more about the Street Food gathering but we tried to not get too close to it as it would have certainly ruined our wallets and give us some extra pounds. The only part where my wife was getting weak was the stand with Japanese styled Crêpes but thankfully the waiting line was so absurdly long that she gave up on it.

The Japanese stand

For me the highlight was the Classic Car meeting. The local club has several meetings each year but somehow I have never visited one. Always something happened such as holidays, too much rain or simply no energy to leave the apartment. It was really interesting to see cars from the last 70 years gathered here. As we are in Germany there were mostly only German brands such as Opel, Mercedes, BMW, Audi (Auto Union) and so on but there were also few US brands, British and French. My brother always wants to purchase a classic car but in the end it is just too much work to maintain it properly and you need also a safe garage as those cars can be really expensive.

Lovely old Mercedes

This Sunday was finally a day to relax a bit. Funny enough even though we had the Sunday Shopping day we only went around the city to watch all the interesting events rather than going to any shop at all. Tomorrow and the day after we have some big things happening but more about it in next weeks blog post/ some hints on Social Media the next days.

Have you visited a Classic Car meeting?

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Shopping and Duck Race”

  1. Classic car events pretty much happen every Sunday in Los Angeles. Mostly old people hanging out at diners, but I get caught behind them all the time on the roads. “Sunday drivers!” Ugh.

  2. The duck race though. I’ve always wanted to watch one 😁 Those are some vintage cars. Here in Australis there are usually quite a few of these kind of car shows. On Australia Day there’ll be a free one in the city. One time me and my friend went, and we got to sit in the cars and take photos 😁

    1. The duck races are rather boring as they are just soo slow 😂
      I always loved classic cars, my late uncle had dozens of them back in the day and I still have picture of sitting in some vintage Rolls Royce, Bentley etc

      1. Wow. Rolls Royce, Bentley and more vintage cars. Your late uncle must have been quite a collector and whoever inherited them must have inherited a fortune.

      2. He was rather wealthy but we have no idea at all where all his money, estates and other things went. We do know his (late) boyfriend got a lot but he died few years after my Uncle while visiting old friends in Germany (he had moved back to USA)…

  3. It’s the same absurd situation about Sundays here in Poland 😦 The government has introduced a law where all shops are closed on Sundays :O It’s really annoying and just sad because when I first moved here from Finland, I was really amazed at how most businesses opened until 22:00 or so even on Sundays.
    Oh the car show sounds cool. My boyfriend is a fan of German cars and owns an Audi, and is looking to buy a old-school BMW too hehe.

    1. My late uncle had dozens of classic cars and people often came to his garage to see the cars and take pictures. I would also love to have one but I think that is some project for later years

  4. We have a classic car event every year here in Edmonds. I have some photos of this year’s show. Maybe I’ll post them in a couple of weeks. It’s amazing how many cars there are in our medium-sized city and how old some of the cars are, some close to a hundred years old.

    When we lived in Vanuatu, not only were the stores closed on Sundays, but they only stayed open until noon on Saturday. People who worked all week didn’t have much time to shop.

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