I do whatever I want to do

Some of you may have heard about some certain coronavirus going around. No, I won’t be writing now all about the how it is spreading and what will happen in the near future but all about my dear Chinese mother-in-law, once again. Over the past years I had so many blog posts about her and her “special” behavior, especially regarding her doing whatever she feels like to. Now it is once again not any different. In Xi’an the situation is currently not that extreme as in Wuhan but everyday life is certainly limited now. For example each household can only send one person out every second day or so to buy groceries and whatever else is needed. This is strictly monitored as most apartment blocks have their own entrance(s) which are locked and the security guard (or something very similar to that position) is taking note who is leaving and coming back. Upon coming back they will also check the temperature of the person to make sure that they have no fever.

Fear me

As you can see it is really restricted about going out currently and you shouldn’t waste any of those “outings”, as a household always needs some certain supplies. Now we have MIL entering the combat zone with her own unique ideas what to do when going out. Just few days ago father-in-law called my wife that MIL had left the apartment to go feed the stray dogs in the area. My wife immediately tried to reach her mother but she didn’t answer her phone. Few hours later then she was able to reach her and asked where she had gone. My wife had to make it appear as her father didn’t sell out his wife about her outing as that woman can be really difficult towards him. So the conversation between my wife and MIL went along these lines:

Wife: “I tried to reach you, because the kids want to talk to you, where were you?”

MIL: “I am busy preparing dinner now and before I was bringing boxes (for our business) away with your father, nothing special.”

Wife: “But there are no boxes currently which need to be sent away.”

MIL: “oh, just some boxes…”

Wife: “And you never go out with dad to bring them away, he is always doing it alone!”

MIL: “I ate to much and wanted to take a walk..”

Wife: “So you go out to take a walk because you ate too much, but didn’t you tell me just that you are preparing dinner?”

MIL: “I was still full from lunch, way too much food”

Wife: “So you go out for a walk even with the virus around. You would never do that except you go dancing in the park with your group or feed the stray dogs!”

MIL: “Don’t be silly, there is no dancing currently because people are not allowed to have meetings like that right now”

Wife: “So you went to feed the dogs!”

MIL: “No no, just taking a walk”

Wife: “The dogs…”

MIL: “Just a little bit, I did not even touch them”

Wife: “You know that you are not allowed to feed them anymore!”


Yeah, MIL wouldn’t admit it really that she just went to feed the dogs. The reason why she is not allowed to feed them anymore by wife has two reasons. For one she has no vaccinations and the second reason she kind of kills the dogs with the food as she feeds the leftover super spicy food either from the restaurants or currently from what they cook at home.

Poor dogs locked up in cage they can’t even lie down


Even though MIL means to help the animals she does the exact opposite. Here in Germany she went out to feed the ducks in the city center with spoiled meat during her first summer here and magically after the very same summer 90% of the duck population had died/ vanished here replace by seagulls. Besides that she loves to feed dogs with chocolate cookies and other things she might find somewhere in the shops. Her own dogs had all kind of stomach problems already and they have rotten teeth as she never ever brushes their teeth or give anything to help keeping the teeth more or less clean. By now you can smell the breath of her dogs a mile against the wind, one of the reasons why FIL doesn’t want to get near them.

Oh well, MIL is just like that and thanks to her “taking a walk” it took another two days till they could buy groceries as she didn’t buy anything after feeding the dogs. All very reasonable according to her and only her.

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12 thoughts on “I do whatever I want to do”

  1. One good thing about your MIL: She provides you with lots of interesting stories. Although there’s something to be said for people who go their own way instead of following the crowd, that only applies when they think things through and make a sensible choice. It’s too bad about the ducks and her dog.

    1. Thinking something through is not her strong point. In the end she creates her own version where everything she did was right and everyone else was wrong. She has somehow a knack for doing the exact wrong thing at the wrong time 😅

    1. She is like the destroyer of worlds 😂
      How often she got already in trouble with law enforcement because she doesn’t see that she is wrong, she even argues with cops that they do their job wrong. Really wonder how her reality in her mind looks like, must be a scary world

  2. I just hope she doesn’t catch the virus! I didn’t know Xi’an was also restricting outings, here in Suzhou we can go out whenever we want.

    I’m sorry to say I laughed about the poor dogs bad breath. I have to say, halitosis is quite a common problem in China. Luckily I don’t need to take the bus to go to work in the mornings because sometimes I could smell people’s breath when they opened their mouth on the other side of the bus…

    1. Oh yeah the breath when traveling bus or train. I never noticed that when living in Finland but whenver we took public transportation in China in the early morning I was horrorfied 😀

      No idea about other cities in China/ in Shaanxi. Only thing I know is about the current situation in Xi’an and Wuhan. MIL is resilient so she will probabaly scare any virus away anyhow

    1. I dont know how many animals have died to her “care” but they are dozens if not hundreds so far. Once she bound the leg of a stray cat because it was injured. Turned out she bound it too tightly and there was no more bloodflow which resulted that the leg had to be amputated…and no I am not making things up, just insane what she is doing

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