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Nathan’s 5th Birthday

Time really flies so fast as we had Nathan’s 5th birthday already! That little boy who looked like Churchill in his first month grew into a little devil in such short time. Today we invited some of his friends from kindergarten to celebrate at our place and it was the first time for us to do so. We had first planned that Nathan gets invited to some birthday party and then invite those kids to his celebration but he was never invited in the 1 1/2 years he is in kindergarten. So we had to rethink our plan and let him just chose some kids he likes the most.

Playing some games

Thus far we had only celebrated his 1st birthday with some friends and family but that one didn’t really count as Nathan has zero memories of that time. Now he was all excited the entire week and it was so hard to get him to bed each evening as he was looking forward to his birthday. All the previous years it was just like any other day for him as he did not really understand what a birthday is. My wife did once again all the planning and organising for this event and she really invested a lot of time into it.

Weeks before the birthday she ordered all the decoration and the theme she planned for was Paw Patrol. Nathan is just like most other kids a huge fan of that show. As the whole Paw Patrol thing is rather huge it was not hard to find the proper decoration for the party. Now what was hard was to get the apartment ready for the birthday. We basically cleaned and decorated for two days untill everything was ready just minutes before the kids arrived. I think nothing can prepare you for the madness of having so many kids in your place. Nothing broke or anything like that but it is just crazy when all the kids are running around, screaming and trying their football skills in the kitchen.

Destroying together the Lego Ninjago City

Yes we are dead exhausted now but it was worth it as Nathan had tons of fun and the kids also were happy. No matter how deadly such event is for the parents it is still worth it when seeing all those beaming faces. Nathalie also had a lot of fun but she was a bit in the way for the other kids as she is a tad bit too young so I brought her downstairs to her grandparents. Haruki the Shiba was not fond at all of the crazy kids and the noise so I had to evacuate him to my parents as well.


How did you celebrate as a kid or how did you plan your kid’s birthday parties?

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Nathan’s 2nd Birthday

Time flies by so fast that it feels for me that Nathan just celebrated his first birthday few weeks ago. But no, it is already one year now! Today he turned two and we had a very small celebration. Last year my wife planned his first birthday for several weeks and invited a lot of people. This first birthday was mainly for herself rather than for Nathan but that is okay, he won’t remember the chaos anyways and my wife could let her creativity go wild with the decorations.

The table is ready for some coffee and cake business

This year it was just us, my parents and my brother with his girlfriend. Also we did not celebrate in our apartment but at my parents. Not because we are too lazy to decorate our apartment (okay, perhaps a bit lazy) but these days Nathan spends anyways a lot of time with his grandparents. Besides that my mother was cooking lunch for everyone so it would be not so convenient to bring everything to our apartment. This “party” was so different from last year but I also liked it as it was much more peaceful with a lot less cleaning to be done in the end. He got some nice little gifts and thus far he just loves the Brio Train Set he got from his grandparents, at least he doesn’t even wants to leave it alone and eat or drink something.

Give me more gifts!

After this summer Nathan will go to kindergarten and I bet that next year a handful of hyperactive little kids will make the birthday party a lot more interesting/ exhausting than I would like to have. But in the end it is all for the kid so we will play along and try to survive! Now my last strength is leaving me and I am just too exhausted to write any more about this birthday…really wonder about the upcoming birthday celebrations in the next years and how I will survive them.

Do you have any tips on how to prepare for a birthday party with many little kids attending?

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Nathan’s 1st Birthday

Yesterday, the 21st of February, was Nathan’s first birthday. To think that it is already a year since he was born is quite hard to grasp for me as it feels like it just happened few weeks ago. So what do you do when a kid turns one year? My wife got all the answers!

Really, in case the birthday party had been planned by me we would just go out eating with the family  but of course that is not enough for her. My wife had big plans, very big plans for this birthday of Nathan including several cakes and more than enough guests at our home.

Nathan looking forward to the start of the party


First of all lets talk about the guests. Naturally my parents were invited and my brother with his girlfriend. To bring some more children to this birthday my wife invited my cousin and her husband together with their four children. Last but not least some people from her German language course were invited with one having a baby girl just one week older than Nathan. (however she is already able to walk for three months now while Nathan just did his first steps without support few hours ago!)

Now to the food. That was some rather intense topic as we had to drive to several shops to get all the right stuff. I offered my wife to go alone and buy everything so she can prepare more at home for the party but this didn’t work out. Why you may ask, well, I would need  a grocery list  but my wife just said “I don’t know what we need, I will know when I see it.” Great planning there! As we had already more than enough to do preparing everything for the celebration my mother got the task to prepare two cakes and my brother’s girlfriend has to create the real birthday cake for Nathan.

My brother with his three cousins twice removed and our rabbits


One might think that there just has to go something wrong because at least when I plan something like this there is always something which gets messed up. But big surprise, nothing went wrong at all. All the food was ready just in time when the first guests arrived. Furthermore all the guests were coming at the right time, something I have never experienced before as there was usually always someone who was very late or had suddenly other plans. Perhaps Nathan is cute enough so people don’t want to miss his birthday and of course free food? Or am I just used to the daily craziness in this family so I always expect the worst to happen?

After the main meal was done my wife brought the birthday cake to Nathan. The little one got a birthday song by all of us and then he was allowed to get closer to the cake.  As he is still a bit too young to blow out the candles his second cousin Paul had to do it for him. After this my wife had a little game planned for Nathan. We placed several items in front of him such as a sports medal, pen, calculator and so forth and then we set him lose on those items. The idea behind it was that the item he grabbed first would be then his “future” profession. As he grabbed the pen my wife believes that he will be an author later. It seems me trying to read to him “The Hobbit” has already paid off.

The kids chosing their snacks
The kids chosing their snacks

From here onwards more eating continued, more noise by all the children, drinks were spilled and the trash mountain in the kitchen grew taller and taller. In between we opened the presents for Nathan and he was allowed to try out each one of them…with his mouth. He just still loves to try to eat everything he can grab such as his favorite chewing toy: The Glass Table!

Now its been already a day since the birthday party and we are still exhausted. To have so many children over and prepare this kind of birthday party is certainly draining your battery quickly. However something exciting happened today and that is all about Nathan doing his first steps on his own. So now I will leave the blog post as it is and try to videotape him testing his walking skills.


How are your experiences from birthday parties, your own and those of your children, or even grandchildren?

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