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Our other little Babies

It seems that I am currently in an animal mood when it comes to articles however this one had been prepared already many months ago but I never got around to publish it.

So fluffy that you can’t even see the eyes!

Every now and then I mentioned bunnies in my posts but never showed them except once when I once again wrote about MIL. The fact that I didn’t show them before is not because they are so incredible ugly but due to the fact I had always so many other things to write about. However just the other day my wife asked me why I never wrote about our older babies and I decided to honor them with an own article.

During our trip to China in the summer of 2011 my wife really wanted to have some pets after seeing so many fury animals and friends and pets stores. Thus I decided to do some research and came up with the idea to get my wife a bunny. But as everyone (should) know is that you should never keep a bunny alone so we had to buy two little fur balls. After checking the local bunny breeders I quickly found one 160km away who still had two bunny babies left to be sold. The very next day we got into our car and drove to take a look at those bunnies and perhaps even buy them.

Their home in our cottage


Needles to say my wife loved them right away even though she prefered back then white bunnies. After having a short introduction into the family tree of these bunnies we bought them and took them back home where we had already a cage prepared in our balcony. After short time both little bunnies didn’t stay so little anymore but doubled their weight and now we have two monsters each having a weight of about 2kg.

Who is cute? I am cute!


In Finland they had their little cage on our balcony and during last summer they stayed for three months in my parents cottage where my dad had built them a little outdoor cage. To my father’s displeasure they were pretty fond of digging holes and ruining the garden he had taken care of for so many years. Now here in Germany they got a new little home in our balcony but this time on two layers so they can avoid each other a bit better than before. Of course it is far away from the space they would need but we try our best to bring them sometimes down to my parents balcony to run around as that one is just huge. For my wife the worst part is that she is allergic to bunnies!

Their new home in Germany


As there are currently many things going on in my life I will probably throw some older prepared blog posts at you rather than current new stories. I hope everything will be settled soon but you never know what the next day got prepared for you.

How do you like our other little babies?

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