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Nathan’s World

It is now already over seven months ago that our baby boy was born. These seven months have been pretty eventful for him and for us. He also managed to travel a bit around as he has been already to several countries. In his age I barely managed to travel with my parents to Finland  as I was apparently not the easiest backseat driver available.


WP_20140725_003His young traveling career started in April with a journey to Germany where he met for the first time his German grandparents and Uncle. There he also tamed wild Elephants and Tigers at Hagenbeck Zoo and got baptized in Hamburg. During the trip to Hagenbeck Zoo he really tried his best to blend in with the animals but in the end the Penguins discovered the fake one in their midst and kicked him out. Few months later Nathan went on a dangerous tour to Estonia to discover hidden secrets in the Old Town of Tallinn and realized it is so much cooler there than at home.


Back in Finland the wild swamps and forests of Western Finland were awaiting him asTwitter7ec2da3_jpg[1] well as fishing for monstrous pikes in a huge lake. It took a while to build up enough patience but in the end he succeeded by hauling in a pike longer than himself! Sadly the fishing rod could not withstand these forces and this was it for his fishing career in 2014.

In late summer the Island of Rhodes was welcoming him with adventurous days at the beach, diving trips on his father’s back for hidden treasures in the baby pool and relaxation at the fish spa. Just a bit over a month ago he turned his back to Finland and began a new life in Germany but not before saying farewell to his Finnish great grandparents . Not bad for a little baby but that is not all. Right now he is getting used to his new career as an architect by designing and supervising his own baby room in the new apartment.


WP_20140318_002But such a little monster is not easily satisfied with only a few career choices so he also decided to pick up modelling. This was at first rather hard as he looked like a mini version of Winston Churchill. To make it even worse for him this Churchill face will haunt him still for a while as it is used in both his Finnish and German passport for the next five years, poor baby. However Nathan is able to use this for his own career boost as his pictures as Mini Winston Churchill are great for “Before and After” slideshows.


Nowadays he resembles more a tiny human being and is rather popular with the ladies! Each day his crazy MTXX_20140726_190314Chinese grandma wants a video chat as well as his aunty from Japan. The interesting thing is that especially the Japanese aunty had only every few months contact with us  but now our little boy is dragged in front of the phone nearly every single day to look cute and stuff. By now he also has his own fan club on Chinese forums and on Weibo, good job Nathan, I never thought you would pick up Social Media Marketing this quick….well, the youth these days seem to get used to all this tech stuff much faster than us. Thankfullly he is still far away from his Chinese stalkers but as soon as he decides to advance his travels to China he might has to hire his own bodyguard (probably me).