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Pictures in the Wallet

Many people have pictures of their loved ones in their wallets. Not all mind you but many. I personally didn’t have any pictures in my wallet until I got together with my wife. Ever since then I have few pictures of her there, one of us together from the crazy Chinese photo shoot and one particular picture of Nathan, erm I mean Mini Churchill.

One of the pictures in my wallet

This topic itself is really boring but not with my crazy Chinese mother-in-law. As you have seen already during the past two years of my blogging time is that she does a lot of weird stuff. At least the stuff is weird in my opinion as there must be also many people who think that it is not that strange at all. I don’t know but so far I had only people supporting my viewpoint commenting here. Let’s see what you think about this one….


What do you guess is in her wallet?

A picture of her siblings or mother? Nope!

A picture of her husband perhaps? Nope!

A picture of her daughter perhaps? Nope!

A picture of Nathan perhaps? Nope!

A picture of her poor little dogs? Nope!

I think you can guess already of whom she got a picture in her wallet…Of course of herself! Not any normal picture either, it is some older picture of one of her photo shoots some 20 years ago with weird clothes and everything and damn huge, filling over half of the front of her wallet once opened.

Meet Churchill

Perhaps it is just me and my wife and anyone else I tell this who think this is a bit weird. Sure I have also a picture of myself in my wallet but that is printed on my ID! Too bad I wasn’t able to take any picture of it thus far as she is guarding her wallet like a demon. Perhaps next time I will be able to when she is either coming here again for three months or when I manage it again to China.


Do you have any pictures in your wallet? Is it a bit odd that MIL only got a picture of herself in her wallet?

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