Pictures in the Wallet

Many people have pictures of their loved ones in their wallets. Not all mind you but many. I personally didn’t have any pictures in my wallet until I got together with my wife. Ever since then I have few pictures of her there, one of us together from the crazy Chinese photo shoot and one particular picture of Nathan, erm I mean Mini Churchill.

One of the pictures in my wallet

This topic itself is really boring but not with my crazy Chinese mother-in-law. As you have seen already during the past two years of my blogging time is that she does a lot of weird stuff. At least the stuff is weird in my opinion as there must be also many people who think that it is not that strange at all. I don’t know but so far I had only people supporting my viewpoint commenting here. Let’s see what you think about this one….


What do you guess is in her wallet?

A picture of her siblings or mother? Nope!

A picture of her husband perhaps? Nope!

A picture of her daughter perhaps? Nope!

A picture of Nathan perhaps? Nope!

A picture of her poor little dogs? Nope!

I think you can guess already of whom she got a picture in her wallet…Of course of herself! Not any normal picture either, it is some older picture of one of her photo shoots some 20 years ago with weird clothes and everything and damn huge, filling over half of the front of her wallet once opened.

Meet Churchill

Perhaps it is just me and my wife and anyone else I tell this who think this is a bit weird. Sure I have also a picture of myself in my wallet but that is printed on my ID! Too bad I wasn’t able to take any picture of it thus far as she is guarding her wallet like a demon. Perhaps next time I will be able to when she is either coming here again for three months or when I manage it again to China.


Do you have any pictures in your wallet? Is it a bit odd that MIL only got a picture of herself in her wallet?

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26 thoughts on “Pictures in the Wallet”

  1. Your mother-in-law is surprising. Most grandmothers like to show photos of their grandchildren. Maybe she has many of Nathan’s photos on her phone.

    Your wedding photo is really beautiful.

    The photos in my wallet are too old now. I should print a few of my digital photos.

    1. Well she certainly has pictures on her phone of Nathan however she still shows everyone her own picture in the wallet…dont ask me why.
      Our picture is actually from a photoshoot 1 or 2 years prior to our wedding but thanks to it we didnt need any of those photoshoots again once we got married.
      I am currently also helping my dad to digitalize many of the old pictures they have and got into bad shape

  2. Your MIL is hilarious. I don’t have any photos of myself in my wallet apart from photo ID. I’m pretty mean with my wallet, banging it around and don’t want any photos to be destroyed.

    1. My wallets over the years suffered also a lot but the current one I try to keep for ten years (hopefully) so I dont throw it into bags etc like I used to do. The one I had before used to be shiny black, last year I got rid of it as it was all messed up and turned grey

      1. Then you have to be very careful with your current wallet, Crazy. Unlike many ladies, I carry around a man’s wallet. I just find it so much more practical. It is still going after four years, though a bit frayed in the middle.

  3. Did you know what your MIL was like before you married your wife? Fancy living in the same street as her?

    Lovely wedding photo.

    1. I heard some of her stories but it all got much weirder once I knew her more and spent time with the family…I am so glad that we dont live in China near her, my wife agrees πŸ™‚
      Thank you about the picture, though it was taken a couple of year prior to our wedding πŸ™‚

  4. I think her new name should be crazy narcissistic Chinese MIL! If it was a picture of her current self then maybe I can defend her by saying maybe she wants people to recognize her through her wallet if something bad happened to her. But a picture of herself 20 years ago? Besides narcissism, I cannot think of any other reasons!

    1. Haha, I really dont know either what is going on in the head of hers…She is just a very confusing person. When I pointed out the picture to my wife she was just looking at me and said “What else did you expect?” πŸ˜€

  5. Uhm, having your own picture in your wallet is weird, but definitely not uncommon in China. There are many women who love to look at their own face, haha. Oh, and many also have a picture of themselves as background in their phones. Of course, extremely photoshoped, with very white skin, unusually big eyes, etc.

  6. Lol I didn’t see that one coming! Why mom in law? Why? If you ever get an answer, please tell me D:

    I also have a photo of myself in my wallet, but Mr. Panda is also on that photo of course! It is a Photo sticker wie did in Japan and one we did in an old photo booth here in Vienna.

  7. You totally have me curious about the pic! Will look forward to seeing it if you ever manage to get your mitts on it!! πŸ™‚

    As for me… boring.. no printed snaps… just some ID with an image of yours truly.

    However I do have some photos of my partner on my phone. Most interesting right now is one I took of him on set in Jodhpur – the role? Jinnah the founder of Pakistan. Wearing? Get this – Jinnah’s actual suit borrowed from a museum from the UK.

    1. Wow, must have been some challenge to borrow the suit from the musuem and not to speak of all the requirements they must have given so the suit comes back in perfect condition!
      It is really fascinating what roles he plays, especially how he can change according to a role.
      Hopefully I can take a photo of my mother-in-laws wallet next time πŸ™‚

      1. Arranged through the film production company, film maker and producer – all having rather a lot of clout. πŸ™‚ For this one he had to lose 12 kg – scary was here he was at 6′ and weighed less than me – gulp! However it is a terrific film – will share more when it comes out next year. πŸ™‚

  8. I don’t know anyone who has a picture of themselves in their wallet (but if you ask Donald Trump, maybe, he has one too?). My wallet is so small so I don’t really have room for anything else that my driver’s license and my ID:)

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