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Wistful Wuhan

We are back from China and it is time for some blog posts again! The past month I had no articles here as we were in China and I didn’t feel like writing any lengthy bit on my phone or tablet for this blog. I also did not  reply on any comments on my last article as I just can’t do it, at least not for now or even for a long time. However I did post more or less frequently some pictures on Instagram. All of our planning for the holidays in China was changed in a rather drastic manner after receiving terrible news few days before the flight. In fact a lot of the plans changed but we did stick to travel to Wuhan.

At the Zhongshan Park

For Wuhan we had so many plans meeting with our friends and the trip turned into something entirely different. We did see some of the city as my wife tried her best to comfort her friend by going to places away from home. It was not a week for full of merriment but we did try to make the most of it for us and our friend. We had lengthy strolls around parks, visited Wuhan city center with a bit of sightseeing, ate some nice food and tried to have as much entertainment for the kids as possible.

We visited the Zhongshan Park for a nice change of scenery and to visit the theme park there for the kids. For me it was rather interesting to see a Zhongshan Park after visiting the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing back in 2016. Besides this it was very strange for at least me to find a theme park located inside that park. It is a nice little theme park with many different amusement rides for kids of all ages. From the park it is also easy to travel to many other sights by metro such as The Bund, Riverside Park and many shopping streets. Wuhan has still some very interesting “historical” buildings right next to towering new structures.

Trying to find something to eat

I can’t even say anymore exactly what we all visited as the whole trip is in some kind of blur for me. Sure we saw some sights but we did not visit any of the very famous places such as the Yellow Crane Tower or the East Lake. Our focus was on other things so I do not really have much to write about Wuhan. But what I can say is that Wuhan is certainly a city to visit when going to China as there is just so much going on with so many different sights and feelings to each area.  Besides that I can also add that Xi’an seems to be a small town compared to Wuhan. Of course I know that Wuhan is a bigger city with few million more inhabitants but it has just a different vibe to Xi’an where the long history is shown especially with the architecture in the city center within the old city walls. Something else I have to add: I did not understand anything when people talked in the Wuhan dialect, nothing at all!

Next up will be much more as it is all about our trip to Hongkong and Disney Land!

Have you been to Wuhan?

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