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What to do on a Rainy Day

Today it has been a very very rainy day. Not that I am not used to it already after living here for more than a year but it is still not really that great. It is wet, cold, everything is just grey and …wet resulting that there is no urge to leave the house not even to buy some groceries. So what do you do on such day? You watch pictures from better times!

Wonderful beach though a bit too stony

In this case I watched the pictures from our holidays on Rhodes last summer. It was just perfect there, everyday sunshine, it was warm and in case it got too hot we could just jump into one of the pools or the ocean right in front of the hotel. We spent one week on that wonderful island and now I just wish we could go there again right now. Sadly this is not possible as I am just in no condition to do so. However there is always hope for next year or the year after…I guess it is best for now to watch these great pictures and perhaps I might feel a bit warmer here.

Nathan just loved to hang our in the pool…

What do you do on rainy days?

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