What to do on a Rainy Day

Today it has been a very very rainy day. Not that I am not used to it already after living here for more than a year but it is still not really that great. It is wet, cold, everything is just grey and …wet resulting that there is no urge to leave the house not even to buy some groceries. So what do you do on such day? You watch pictures from better times!

Wonderful beach though a bit too stony

In this case I watched the pictures from our holidays on Rhodes last summer. It was just perfect there, everyday sunshine, it was warm and in case it got too hot we could just jump into one of the pools or the ocean right in front of the hotel. We spent one week on that wonderful island and now I just wish we could go there again right now. Sadly this is not possible as I am just in no condition to do so. However there is always hope for next year or the year after…I guess it is best for now to watch these great pictures and perhaps I might feel a bit warmer here.

Nathan just loved to hang our in the pool…

What do you do on rainy days?

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27 thoughts on “What to do on a Rainy Day”

  1. Hahaha it is raining here too and I just looked at the photos I took on Ishigaki island three weeks ago. Spending a rainy day while looking at pictures of beaches sure is a great idea. πŸ™‚
    You can also watch a movie while cuddling on the sofa and drink a hot cup of your favorite tea.
    As for me, I am transliterating interviews for university classes… But I sure do not recommend it for rainy days. πŸ˜€

  2. I understand there is lots of rain in the winter, in this part of Turkey. The locals tell me that winter is cold (they feel the cold more than I do).

      1. Most days it’s sunny and warm;
        t-shirt material.

        The nights are getting chilly.

  3. Rainy days are the happiest days of all if you get to laze around at home. Otherwise, it’s the most miserable day of your life to be out in the cold and wet weather. Don’t blame you for not wanting to leave the house…😊

      1. That’s true..I can understand, when it’s the monsoon season here, there’s no sun at all..just rain, rain and more rain…it rained for more than 2 days without stopping once. I joked that the rain would drown Singapore then if it didn’t stop…haha..hope it stops raining soon so that you can catch a break outdoors..😊

  4. I try not to get wet on rainy days. Simple as that. It’s worse when it’s winter and it’s raining 😦 Hard to go out to get photographs with the camera :/

      1. I too hate it when my lens gets wet from the rain. Even one small drop on it makes me upset. I’ve learned this lesson one too many times πŸ˜€ These days when it’s drizzling I tell myself to put the camera straight in the bag.

  5. What a cute picture of Nathan!

    We’ve been getting a lot of rain in Cambodia, too. Then again, as this is my first time being here, I don’t know if this is normal or not. But it feels like a lot of rain. Sometimes the power goes out, too.

    As a result, I’ve been reading more. It’s wonderful, really.

    1. In case power would go out here I turn just outright crazy…the rain is already bad enough and it is even worse when it gets now colder each day in autumn.
      I really need to get back to reading again, the last book I finished fast somewhen last year!

  6. We had almost no rain here in Seattle during May, June, and July (.09 inches in July). So we’re happy to get a little rain now in October. It seldom rains hard here, so when it rains, we just put on a jacket with a hood and go out anyway. Yesterday it was raining when I drove to the post office to mail a gift to my granddaughter. I hoped the line would be short because of the rain, but no such luck.

    Snow is a different story. When it snows here, it’s a wet snow, so it’s hard to drive on it, especially on the hills, and we have almost no flat land.

    1. Here the climate is very mild so we barely even get any snow during winter time. Just rain and some more rain. The thing is it doesnt even actually rain that much here in the North compared to South Germany, but most of the rain just simply happens from autumn till spring and it is usually never too much at once, just a continuous trickle..

  7. Even though its been a pretty pathetic monsoon this year, there have been enough rainy days to feel a little trapped. My favs? Complete contrasts from curling up to read a good book, listen to music or the opposite – get out, get wet and go somewhere for music, catching up with friends or more!

  8. Ha, I like to stay in and read and watch movies on rainy days. In fact, I like to do that on sunny days too. Perhaps I stay indoors too much. Yet life keeps forcing me outside rain or shine!

    1. I guess it is most comfortable just to stay inside when the weather is bad. During nice sunny days it just keeps me going outside to do something, not this year though, but usually πŸ™‚

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