Fourth Blogaversary!

Due to all kind of busy madness I totally missed my fourth Blogaversary in August! I can’t believe that I have been blogging now already for so many years. Back in 2013 I had this first blog post (which was also very useless) after my in-laws had just left us after staying with us for a few weeks due to our wedding in Finland. In 2015 I wrote about my second Blogaversary, seems I kind of do this post every two years.

Back in 2013 we got married, three weeks later I started this blog

Now four years later we are certainly still married (going strong!) and have two wonderful children. Sure I had less blog posts this year than usual but that was due to being much more busy with our business and taking care of a second child. I do hope I will have more time from now on again for this little blog, especially as my parents are back from their four-month holiday in Finland and can help us during daytime with the kids.

Our two wonderful children

Right now I will be back for my weekly blog posts and for the next weeks I even have some mid-week guest posts coming up. I still have the hope of doing more with my tiny useless Youtube channel as my wife and I have some interesting things in mind for Nathan, but that is just some idea right now. So as you can see I do not have any big goals for this blog right now, I just want to go on and use it as a therapy. Thanks to MIL being annoying the whole summer I have a couple of articles already prepared regarding her. I do believe my blog developed a lot over the years but then again that is just my opinion 🙂

Thank you all for reading the everyday stories of my life and I hope that they entertain you even though the happenings are sometimes a real pain with my dear Chinese mother-in-law.

To you keep track on your blogging anniversaries?

Be sure to follow me also on Facebook and on Twitter as I will post there occasionally pictures which do not find their way into my blog posts. Furthermore there is also my Instagram account in which from time to time some pictures and short videos might pop up.

25 thoughts on “Fourth Blogaversary!”

  1. Congrats on four years, Timo. Always enjoyed following along the MIL stories, travel and about your random hobbies. Like you, I don’t really keep track on my blogging anniversaries but next month it will be 5 years for me and I got a post planned for that. Like you also over the years I’ve been blogging less – what with so much work and other life stuff and all 😂

    Lol, blogging is therapy for you. I hope none of us here are too crazy for you 😂 Looking forward to more posts 😊

    1. I actually have already a six year anniversary due to my old first blog about our pet bunnies…but well that one was abandoned after a few months.
      Life certainly brings many changes. Back in 2014 /2015 I had often two articles a week and now I have like one in two months 😀

      1. Those poor bunnies but maybe you will feature more bunnies here in the future. Back in high school I also had a blog before my current one and that lasted a year or so – it was like my open diary. These days I’m lucky if I can finish writing one blog post in two weeks 😀

      2. Hehe, my first blog was like that, half-hearted diary and only one of my friends followed. I deleted it but I think mainly I wrote angry posts and feelings there.

  2. Actually, Timo, I keep track of my blogaversaries by following your blog. I started mine about the same time you did. I, too, am amazed that it’s been four years.

    It’s nice that your parents will be around to help babysit. It sounds like you already have some good plans for your fifth year.

    1. I remember when I found your blog about half year into my blogging time. It is nice when people try to stick to their blogs with at least few articles a year. Many blogs which where active back in 2013/ Where just started are deleted already or just abandoned .

  3. Congratulations on your blogversary! My 4th one will be in January (well, the English blog one. The Spanish one is over 5 years!).

    I love that you managed to keep the blog through kids, your own business and everything. Way to go! All the women bloggers more or less stop blogging after having kids. I’ll have to see if that happens to me too (probably. Babies seem to be super demanding xD).

  4. I haven’t paid much attention to my bloganniversary…but now that you’ve jogged our self-reflection..

    Best wishes…and chat up on blog occasionally.

    1. Thank you, I usually don’t pay attention to such anniversaries either.
      I am planning for the following months to have more activity again on my blog/ catch up on other blogs.There has been just too much going on recently to do anything properly in my leisure time

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