Plans for the rest of the Year

Over half of the year 2017 is over and much has already happened. Untill the birth of our daughter in May we were very busy trying to “stabilising” our little business. From January till the beginning of May we were investing so much time into our business that we had no time to do anything else. We did not travel anywhere, we didn’t visit any neighbouring towns, we did not even go shopping or eating in some nice restaurant (with the exception of birthdays and the weekend Family Gathering in March).

Basically all we did was work and spend the little free time with Nathan. Due to our work we do not even have any free weekends which can be sometimes very hard when the work seems to have no end. By the time our baby girl was born we had reduced the workload already in order for my wife to find some rest. However it was just reduced workload and thus just two days after Nathalie was born I started working again. Now two months after our family grew by one we started to wonder what we can do to enjoy life a bit more once again after those hard months.

Lübeck in 2015

No, we won’t have any big travels planned such as last year. However we have some smaller trips planned already within Germany. For one we want for Nathan to have some more fun by going to a little theme park in the next few weeks. That theme park is perfect for little kids like him as he can pretty much go into every amusement ride as there aren’t any “wild” ones and there is also a deer park! Besides the theme park we will go to a few cities this summer such as revisiting Lübeck and Flensburg for some day trips. In August we have then our “biggest” trip which will lead us to the dark East of Germany.

Lübeck will be lovely to revisit

That big trip developed only because I got an invitation for a Class reunion from my high school in Chemnitz (East Germany). As my wife had no interest in going there at all just for some reunion I had to come up with some plan. So now we will be driving first to Quedlingburg which is a very old town first mentioned in the records in 922 AD. The old town, the church and the castle are on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994. I was there already once back in 1994 or 1995 with my parents and brother but I do not remember much of it anymore. There we will stay for one night right in the historic old town and then on the following day travel to Chemnitz. Except meeting with some friends and then having later on the reunion I have not planned anything yet. The problem for me with Chemnitz is just that I have no clue what to visit there even though I lived there for two years from 2005-2007.

My father on his way to his old home in 1991

In the late summer we will be trying to travel for a weekend to Poland to revisit my father’s birthplace Kołczewo on the Island Usedom. That trip will be especially important for my father as he had revisited that place only twice before, both between 1990 and 1991.He has not much memories from that place as he was very young when his family had to flee back in 1945 and become refugees till settling down in my hometown (they were living in camps for the first few years here). After that trip we will have only a few more day trips in mind. For us it is only important to get out of the daily routine from time to time. Next year shall be different again for us and I will write about it at some point towards the end of this year.

1990 My father carrying me in front of the old family house. The child standing there belongs to the “new” residents, let’s see if they are still there this year

What are your plans for the second half of 2017?

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27 thoughts on “Plans for the rest of the Year”

  1. I bet your father has some amazing stories from his childhood. I hope you get a chance to blog about them.

    After our big trips last year, we’re not traveling much, either.

  2. Good plans. And how lovely for your dad. I just returned home from a two week trip to the UK and Abu Dhabi so that is it for me until I go another state in Australia in October and Africa in December.

    1. How nice so much travelling!
      I really do hope my father will enjoy that trip. Right now it is still in the making as it is especially hard to find a hotel or similar in that corner of Poland

  3. Running your own business can be so hard…because once you stop, the business will stop with you. Hopefully now it is more stable and will continue to be that way. The smaller trips around Germany sound nice, and for kids theme parks are quite a lot of fun, with the rides and costumes. I always liked the slow rides as a kid given I’m pretty much a scaredy cat 😂 Poland sounds like it will be quite the family adventure and hope it goes well.

    1. As a kid I loved faster rides and in my teens I still enjoyed big rollercoasters. However this changed a lot as now I wouldnt dare to enter any kind of rollercoaster. Just looking at them gives me weak legs.
      I really do hope that the small trips will be nice, at least I will take pictures and write about few of them this summer 🙂

      1. How you go from liking rollercoasters to not is baffling to me…but I suppose we change over time Hopefully you get to go out more soon while summer is still around for you 🙂

  4. It’s good to see new places. But it’s just as nice to revisit a place you’ve been before. There are so many places near me that I love and long to return to. The same place in another season or another year is always a little different.

    My daughters and their families are visiting me in August and September. In the United States, Seattle has the best summer weather. It’s a great place to be. We’ve been talking about a family trip over the Christmas vacation, but we haven’t decided where to go.

    1. It is really nice to revist certain places as it is often impossible to see “everything” during the first visit. Especially the city of Lübeck has so much history and last time in 2015 we only visited a small corner of the old town.

      Here in this part of Germany the weather is so unpredictable. It can drastically change from sunshine to a severe storm with even snow in between during summer time! I guess that comes from living less than 80kilometres away from to seas.

  5. I think it’s fine if you take it easy now, after all I imagine travelling with small kids must be exhausting!

    My only plans for this year are going back to Spain in September to prepare my wedding, then the wedding will be at the beginning of October. Apart from that I don’t think we will go anywhere else… maybe we will visit the water park this summer, haha.

    1. Oh yeah, it is really exhausting with small kids. We thought with one kid it is hard but oh dear, two small kids is insane.

      Spain is also a country I should revisit at some point again. Have been there mulitple times for training camps and competitions between 2004 and 2007, was really nice always 🙂

  6. Wow I didn’t know your dad was born in Poland 🙂 You have a very international family. Side trips are also equally good as big ones, so I’, sure you’ll enjoy with your family this year. Those old photos are beautiful.
    I am also planning to visit a couple of places in Poland this year as weekend trips 🙂 Going to Wroclaw and a beautiful castle in two weeks! 😀

  7. Day trips sound fun.:) Haven’t been to Lübeck but I heard it’s nice there. We’ve also been busy the first half of the year and only had one big travel last January. In August we’ll be going to Berlin..mainly because I lost my Phil. passport😫 Love the old photos btw.😊

  8. It sounds like you feel a bit ‘tied down’ because of the little ones. But I hope you don’t because you are blessed to have healthy beautiful children and enjoy watching them grow up because it goes by fast, as you know.

    I know it only seemed like the other day that my nieces and nephews were not holding conversations – and now (!) jeez, I’m missing a lot!

    Poland sounds epic. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about that. Plans for the rest of the year? Staying close by – because as much as I’d like to throw caution to the wind and travel farther afield, I feel like we have to be smart with the economies and all. I don’t mind.

    1. In fact we do not really feel tied down yet by the kids, it is mostly our business as sick days or holidays mean also no income at all.

      Poland will be hopefully very nice, but lets see if it really gonna happen. Problem is to find some places to stay for the night in that region

  9. Have a great time. Am curious why your family was like “refugees” in Germany…

    For me, it’s Vancouver, Toronto…just remaining in Canada. Most likely we will take advantage of cheap transit buses to Canadian Rockies before fall is over. We’ve already made some mini-trips in Alberta. So hope to blog more abit about that.

    I haven’t quite “finished” my blog articles about our European trip last year. I just get inspired by other topics to blog on top of the European based topics.

    1. Back then after the Second World War nearly all German people from the eastern areas were fleeing from the Red Army. Especially when it became appearent that all those areas would be “lost” they needed to find new places to live in.
      The thing was that on their flight they also had to somehow survive the incoming Red Army and the fact that there was no food left. The biggest problem with such military actions is that there are always soldiers who will kill, rape and injur civilians. My father was beaten nearly to death by soviet soldiers while he was only 4 years old! He couldn’t speak for several years after that and still has sometimes problems these days.

      After that was survived the problem was that many Germans did not want those German refugees.
      Especially Bavarians didn’t want those Prussian refugees as many politicians tried their best to get rid of them (“Best to send them all to Siberia where they belong” etc)

      More about that in wikipedia.

      1. So your father was/is German or just was living in Germany at that time of Red Army invasion? It was terrible what happened to your father as a child. Ah, we the modern day problem of massive refugee various parts of the world.

      2. Yes, my father is German/ was back then as well. The part he lived in used to be Germany untill 1945 for a few centuries (borders always shift before that between Prussia, Poland and after smaller Kingdoms).
        War is something terrible and it seems that human kind will never learn from their past mistakes

  10. Usedom! I was there last year, and the towns are nice. It’s good that you get to take a break from work. Still planning to explore more of Berlin this year. Lookinng forward to your post so I can take note of where to go next, haha. 🙂

      1. Berlin is a fun place especially for young people, because of the clubbing scene, but the best places to go to for me are the parks and cafes here, which are everywhere. 🙂

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