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New Year and no real news

2020 has been going on already for a while and it has been over one month since my last blog post. There are multiple reasons for that such as stress with work and with it also an uncomfortable few weeks. As some know my wife and I have our own exporting business and it has been going downhill since summer. As the business is our only means of income it is really not a nice feeling when you realize that everything you built up for several years just vanishes in your hands. It is not that we were running our business in such bad way but due to the market changes in China ever since the trade war with the USA began. All the products we are selling are now available just like that in China as all the companies opened up their own webstores as exporting for them became easier last year for German companies (to fight against the trade war…). In the end small companies such as ours are the losers in such wars and all other people in Germany my wife know with a similar kind of business say that 2020 is the last year for them.

Nathalie checking out the situation outside the hotel

So now it is time for me again to start some job hunting but at least we are not in such hurry as back in 2014 when we moved here as I couldn’t get any kind of insurance for us without work or a “thumbs up” from the employment agency (we got a “thumps down” from them after I was already employed for a few months, bureaucracy is just insane and slow in Germany). So back then I just took the first opportunity I got and the payment wasn’t the best in the world. Anyhow now I can carefully select were I will apply for and won’t rush anything.


For January 2020 we had the great plan to travel to Finland so the kids can finally see some snow. That plan was scratched as Finland is experiencing the mildest winter in recorded history and there is no snow anywhere near our cottage (never happened before). This winter is also the first time that the big lakes are not freezing which also is just wrong. But hey, Global Warming is just a hoax anyways invented by the Chinese according to a very trustworthy source from the USA.

Haruki also wants food at the restaurant

Besides these not so nice things we had last weekend a family gathering just like in 2017 and it was wonderful to see so many of my cousins with their families again. Next gathering might be my fathers 80th birthday! However not all plans are scratched for this year as we will still travel to China from April to May again. This will be the last time for us to travel outside the school holidays as Nathan will start his school life this August. After that we won’t be able to travel anywhere outside those set school holidays for the next 16 years or so.

Nothing new in China from the crazy family either as Granny is still doing fine despite that the cancer has spread to muliple organs already. She doesn’t feel any changes in her life yet and she also still does not know anything about the disease either. She won’t be told at all till the bitter end. Last year the family was afraid of losing her already by summer time but she is still going strong so I bet we will meet her this spring again.

How has 2020 started for you?

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The kind of Mixed 2018 Review

For the past years I have been not doing really many of such reviews. One I clearly remember was the Amazing Year 2014 Review as it was really a wonderful year full of great memories. The past years on the other hand have been more like “meh” compared to 2014. Now 2018 is something totally different as it will be definitely a year I will remember for a very long time due to its ups and downs.

Nathan the Taekwondo champ

The year started kind of slow and I thought back about the past years living in Germany and how it changed since we moved here. Besides that I also had another part of the “New Apartment” series which is still not entirely solved thus far. One big thing I had going on was my family research combined with a DNA test to find somehow some relatives somewhere on this globe. I am still in this whole research but have once again hit too many brick walls and for now I just wait for some lucky discoveries when someone adds to their family tree at some point.

In March things changed a bit as we arranged our trip to China and also had finally the confirmation that we could travel to Japan in May! Though we were excited to go once again to China and enjoy the good food there and kind of experience the strange Chinese family with their weird requests the main thing for us was Japan. For so many years we wanted to travel to Japan but it never worked out. Either it was the Japanese Embassy in Finland telling us the wrong information regarding the visa for my wife or we simply had suddenly no time for it. My wife planned the entire week in Japan for nearly two months to make it as perfect as possible for us and especially for Nathan. I don’t know why but I have barely any memories about April even though we wouldn’t fly to China till near the end of the month. Guess we were just busy with work, keeping Nathan busy with sports and being way too excited about our holidays.

Mount Fuji

May was the most amazing month for us in years as we were in China and of course in Japan. Blogging wise I didn’t do anything and wrote all about the wonder of Japan in June. Tokyo and Osaka were just so wonderful and Nathan really enjoyed the few hours we had at Thomas Land.  Each day in Japan we had a blast and thinking back I still can’t believe that we actually experienced all of that. I must say that all the planning my wife did for this holiday surely paid off. Usually all her preparing and planning are totally messed up as I wrote later in summer after our two-week holidays in Finland.  The time in Finland was way too short but we did go to Moominland which had been on my bucket list ever since I was a child!

With Autumn approaching we got a new family member, Haruki the Shiba. That tiny dog gave us so much joy thus far and by now he tripled his weight and can fart like a champ. In fact whenever he does release some gasses he cannot take the smell either and runs to another room. He is a strange little fellow with his constant smiley face. Ever since we got him I only started to see how many dogs we have in the neighbourhood. Even now I still encounter “new dogs” with their owners living somewhere nearby and I’ve been doing the rounds with Haruki for four months now. Besides Haruki we had another last highlight and that was visiting Lego Land in Denmark. We didn’t plan to go there this year but after finding some ridiculous good deal we just had to go. Two days of rain but also two days filled with Lego and that is all what Nathan cares for. I also got myself some goodies and went on updating my computer and rambling about my gaming history.

Haruki when he used to be cute

And now I come to the absolute depressing November after having such a great year till then. This month was just cursed as one bad thing after the other happened. Workwise we were totally overloaded, my wife got her wallet stolen,  a mirror crashed down and my father was diagnosed with Leukemia. I think that was by far the worst month I can think off. I mean after so many good memories this year everything was just destroyed in one month. By now we are over most of those terrible happenings but just remembering back makes we feel really empty and also angry. But life goes on and December has been rather positive without anything bad thus far.

How was your year 2018 so far?

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Wasting time on computer games

In the last blog article I warned you already that I might write something about my computer upgrading stuff. In case you have no interest in such things you better stop reading now as it will be just so boring. Do not fear, I do no expect any likes or comments on this article as it has nothing to do with my normal topics or the general theme of this blog. In case you are still reading this, good luck.

The more RGB the better the performance!

Being around personal computers is something normal for me ever since my early childhood. Back in the day when I was still in kindergarten by big brother was already in university working on his diploma involving all kind of programming and whatnot all.  So he had this super expensive (back in the day) computer and he even had a couple of games he played from time to time. I got my own computer a couple of years after big brother moved out, I think it was in 1994-1995. I was so proud of that machine and it got even 110 MHz. Just to note that I never got into programming unlike my brother. For me everything was about gaming! I never had a console or a Gameboy, it has been always computer gaming. My first games were Lemmings (from 1993), Wing Commander III, Dune II, Command & Conquer, Settlers and many more.


As you might see I really loved only the gaming part when it came to computers. Everything developed very quickly in the computer world and by 1999 I had my first 500 MHz Pentium III and already by 2000 Counter Strike, Diablo and Starcraft happened to me  and held me in their firm grip. Around that time we also got our DSL connection (256 kbit/s) so the times of slow ISDN (or even slower back in the middle 1990s) and high costs were over. I frequented LAN Partys and in general everyone in my entire circle of friends was into computer gaming. Of course my grades suffered immensely and I had a though time getting somehow through school. Anyhow the years went on, other games peaked my interest such as Morrowind, Lord of the Rings Online and so forth and I actually graduated with rather good grades from High School.


So fast forward to 2018, I am 31 years old and still love computer gaming. Sure the playing time dropped over the years especially ever since we have two kids and are running our own business. I am the proud owner of a gaming PC which can tackle probably any task or torture you might imagine available. To my current system (or part of it) I got through Ebay where someone sold a new system for half the price. No, I do not want to question now how on earth that person got the hardware/ paid for it as it was all still packed in their original boxes and I even got the original bill with the package stating that everything was just purchased a week prior to me buying it from eBay.

Here you can also see my Ducky Shine 6, Razer Naga and the Noble Chair (part of it)

In case you follow me on social media such as Instagram you might have seen my recent upgrading madness. I got a new graphic card and changed the CPU cooling from air to water/ changing all the case fans at the same time to RGB. I do not have the best over-the-top system you can get but it has actually too much power which I will probably never really need.

My current specs are:

  • I7-4790K OC to 5GHz
  • Maximus VII Hero
  • 32GB G.Skill TridentX DDR3-2400
  • GeForce RTX 2080TI Founder Edition
  • Corsair RM650i PSU
  • Corsair H115i PRO RGB
  • Corsair Carbride Air 540
  • + mutiple SSDs from various brands, two old Samsung HDs for storage, multiple Corsair LL Fans and a terrible mess of cables in the hidden section of the case -> cable management is not my thing

So here you go. I do wonder if anyone actually reached till this last section of this boring blog post! Anyhow this was something I really wanted to write about for some time. Not that I actually planned on what to write or anything like it  (actually wrote everything in 15 min) but it is a topic I am really interested in and my computer is part of my refuge. Oh, and in case someone reached this part of the article and has Steam, feel free to add me “Ananrael”.

Are you into computer gaming?

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