Fun at the family themepark Tolk-Schau

Last week I mentioned already that we would visit a theme park soon. That visit actually happened just few days after writing that blog post. We had one of those rare sunny days here in North Germany and instead of visiting Lübeck we settled on going to the theme park. It was a wonderful day though it started not so well and ended very sad but more about that later.

Slides connecting different parts of the park

Right in the morning we had a doctor appointment for Nathalie for one of the first check-ups. Usually I would have gone with them as well but one of our bunnies was not feeling so well so I went with her to the  veterinarian. After getting home I gave the bunnies fresh food and water and left to pick up the rest of the family from the doctor. Due to the veterinarian visit we were running already a bit late so we arrived in Tolk-Schau shortly before 1pm.

#Nathancuty on one of the extreme rides

The park was full considering that the summer holidays hadn’t started yet in our province at that time. Nathan was so excited when he saw all the amusement rides. The theme park is family oriented and kids his age can go to nearly all rides as there are no “extreme” ones such as big rollercoasters. There were only a few which he couldn’t go to as they were age 7+. The kids can go to simple small slides, big carpet slides, take a small train around the park area, a family rollercoaster, trampoline areas,  information areas regarding dinosaurs and much more. Needless to say that MIL could be found in many amusement rides as well, most of the time not standing in line and just entering the ride while kids were waiting for their turn…

Beautiful wild growing flowers

In case you get hungry you can have a quick meal in the park, nothing fancy but good enough and cheap. The theme park does not have a proper restaurant because of one simple reason: you can rent BBQ huts! We did not rent ourselves one this time but we will do so for the next visit. I must say you get very hungry when going around the park and smell some delicious BBQ from different huts. When I was younger and went there with some friends they often rent those huts. Not only can you prepare yourself food there but it is a perfect place to have a “base” to return to and store all the things you don’t want to carry around whole day.

View on the summer toboggan

All in all Tolk-Schau is perfect for kids till the age of 12. I myself enjoyed the park a lot in my youth  till I was 14. Here is a little video I found the park on youtube. It was a great day for us there and even my wife tried some of the amusement rides however she was even scared of the small family rollercoaster. This is a bit surprising as back in the day when we just started dating we went to a theme park in Helsinki and tried out all the rollercoasters there! In the end of the day Nathan was so tired that he fell asleep immediately after getting to the car. The day would have been wonderful except that it ended in a very sad way. When we got home my wife found our poor bunny dead in the cage. At least that little animal didn’t have to suffer too much in the end as she got at the veterinarian an injection against the pain. Now we have only one bunny and she is very passive these days, not entering the area of the cage at all where her sister had died.

Have you been to a “family” theme park before?

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14 thoughts on “Fun at the family themepark Tolk-Schau”

  1. It’s beautiful there! Glad you actually get to see the sun. Here in Berlin, i’m not sure if it’s really summer because it’s raining most of the time. 😀

    1. Nathan did not really care that much but my wife was/Is very upset.
      We told Nathan that one bunny is dead and he was just like “Bunny is now with Erna!” Erna is an old family friend who passed away in May and he used to visit her every Sunday

  2. Oooh, poor bunny! Was she very old?

    The park looks very nice! I would like to go to Disneyland in Shanghai but I know it’s going to be super crowded so I’ll pass…

    1. Sadly the bunny only was six years old. They can reach up to 10 year with 7 being the average.
      She had sudden stomach problems and every hour counts wheras we only found her with the problems when it was already too late 😦

      The park is really nice for kids and families. For people looking for more interesting rides it will be boring. I never felt like visiting any Disney Park or other big theme parks, somehow I just have different interests/ dont want to stand in line everywhere

  3. The family amusement park looks very fun, and lovely to hear the rides are designed for kids of all ages. The mini roller coaster rides must be the kind of ride that doesn’t go crazy fast and more like a leisurely ride with ups and downs. I personally am not a fan of theme parks in general, the ones with ride. I get motion sick very easily, so any ride is easily out of the question for me. I can try…but one time I went on a revolving tea cup ride and couldn’t stand straight for a while, lol.

    Poor bunny but hope she is in a better place. Maybe time for another pet at some point 🙂

    1. I bet there would have been even rides for you (the rollercoaster for kids for example where kids can be on starting age 3/4 in company of adults!)
      These days I get motion suck also very easy and I really wonder how that suddenly happened in the past seven years

      1. It does sound like this family theme park would suit me fine. A few times I’ve gone to adult theme parks and when I passed by some rides, there was a height limit of 1.5-1.6m. Can never ride those rides 😀

        Some say motion sick is due to not having enough vitamins. But I also think it can be because of how your mind works.

      2. Haha, didn’t thought about the height restriction! Just remembered the article you had about not being the tallest person around. Well, in case Nathan can go to those rides it shouldn’t be a problem for you 😛
        Adult theme parks are nothing for me, just too crazy there

      3. LOL. It sounds like Nathan does theme parks way better than me. One thing I like with adults theme parks though is the food. So bad but so good. That said, I rarely buy the food.

  4. Lovely day out – looks like a great park but sad about your little bunny rabbit. Like you said she had a pain injection so didn’t suffer. Very good if you to take her to the vet. Some don’t unfortunately.

    1. I wonder what kind of people wouldn’t take their pet to the vet (in fact in case you don’t have enough money for the vet you should never even consider having a pet!!). The vet was rather cheap but then again she didn’t had to do much work, certain screenings etc would cost a fortune.

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