She has done it again

My dear mother-in-law seems to attract chaos. Whatever she is doing something always goes terribly wrong or she has some totally different (ridiculous) expectation on how it should be done. As I have mentioned already too often MIL is coming to stay with us for three months starting in the middle of April. But until today it wasn’t even sure that it would work out.

The problem was all the paperwork for the Visa and of course MIL herself. First of all we needed to get few papers in order to even apply for the Visa. The first was the declaration of obligation from the city hall here in my home town. This declaration basically states that I am inviting my mother-in-law, the reason, the starting date, that we will come up with anything she might do wrong here, that she will return and of course papers from my work place showing that I have the needed financial means to support her stay for those three months. The needed income varies from state to state here in Germany and I also heard it might depend on the person you are speaking to at the town hall, hooray for the great German bureaucracy. This paper was rather easy to get with only a few visits at the town hall but we also needed to get a travel insurance for MIL. This insurance we just ordered online from one of the many Insurance companies in Germany and got it done right away.

Mother-in-law and the goats
Mother-in-law and the goats

Then MIL needed to get certain other certificates from China in order to have all papers ready for the visa. Those papers were the confirmation of relationship between her and my wife, papers proving her monthly retirement money and some other paper I have forgotten. Especially of the paper stating the relationship between her and my wife she needed a verified version and an authorized version (wonder why). But of course here it goes wrong just as expected from my crazy Chinese mother-in-law…she removed the verified paper from the other and sent only one! Yes, she went through all the trouble to take those two papers apart which were even stitched together because she…well even she couldn’t explain, the master of twisting the truth was not able to come up with an excuse. Furthermore she did this whole visa application process already twice before so it was really weird for her to suddenly decide to do things differently. Perhaps there should be a new word in the dictionary for such behavior “Crazy MIL”.

Guess we will “forget” MIL at the Outlet Center…


She only did realize her mistake after the embassy called her saying that this paper is missing. However it was already too late to resend it. Throughout the past days my wife tried to call several offices in China in order to fix this mess but they all were not able to help. So it was more surprising today to get the message that MIL got her passport back with the valid Visa. Right now I am not so sure whether to be happy or to be sad about my upcoming three-month madness. It seems that Lina from My Hong Kong husband tried her best to aid me in this endeavour as she offered several times to make MIL’s visit impossible but in the end even she failed. The only bad thing in case the Visa application hadn’t worked out is the money wasted…

So as you can see it is not that easy to get a Visa to Europe or to be more specific to Germany but it is actually mostly only annoying paperwork. Usually it is not even that difficult but this depends of course on the background of both the inviter and the person who wants to come to Germany. Now I am really happy that this whole mess is done for now and the next weeks I will prepare myself mentally for the 16th of April, the MIL arrival day. Perhaps I should start Yoga again or something else to find my inner peace.


What are your experiences with Visa procedures?

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40 thoughts on “She has done it again”

  1. I’m so lucky my husband is Japanese. Both citizens of Japan and the Netherlands are able to travel to many countries without a VISA as long as they leave within 90 days. So we don’t have to worry about all that annoying paperwork when we visit family or when they visit us…

  2. Talk about an unnecessary mess! Maybe the worst is over before she even arrives this time! πŸ™‚

    I remember all the trouble I went through to get a criminal record check for my spousal visa [I think that is what it was for.] I called the police station near the town where I grew up. I spoke to a police officer and he had no idea how I would go about it. Then I spoke to the a woman who knew someone I knew and she told me how to do it. I had it all arranged and picked up within a couple of hours.

    A week later, the police officer called me back, was about to tell me how to do it, and was shock to tell him that I already had it.

    So, I guess it is good to know someone!

    1. Yeah, it helps a lot to have so me around with at least a clue on how to about it. For some papers here in Germany I have been send to a multitude of offices as no one felt responsible for it…

  3. Visas are such a hassle. Thailand keeps changing their policies and visas for visitors and foreigners and it’s been a mess! I can’t imagine trying to help someone else with their visas on top of that! Good luck, deep breaths.

    1. Thankfully the visa procedure didn’t change too much over the past years when trying to go to China, just a bit more complicated depending on the restrictions Europe made for China (and vice versa)

    1. I think MIL got more than just devil on her shoulder. Anyways, through all the stress thinking about her coming here I ended up with a bad flue now and have bed rest for the next days, her evil aura is sweeping over already

  4. Old people have strange memory, can’t really blame them. Sometimes they did something before, then the next time they remember “Do this and this” as “DON’T do this and this”.

    And would you be so kind as to elaborate what Lina did to sabotage help your MIL? I think that would be an interesting read by itself! πŸ˜€

    1. She offered to make anonymous calls to certain offices stating some kind of terrorist by my MILs name is coming and few other things πŸ™‚

      Yes, old people seem to have a very selective memory, her more than others I believe

  5. I only applied for a visa to Europe once, last year when I brought my boyfriend to Spain. We had to get a looooot of documents and certificates, even pictures of the two of us together to prove that we really know each other! In the end everything was fine and we got the visa in only 5 days πŸ™‚

  6. Argh your MIL did it again!! It is always hilarious to read about her adventures, you must be the most patient man in the world really.

    Please keep us updated about this coming MIL’s visit – I am sure there will be a lot to laugh about!

  7. Lol, all the anticipation building up…hopefully you survive her time with you. It does makes me wonder though, is there any MIL that is ever welcomed by anyone? Talking from a single person here obviously…haha! πŸ™‚

  8. I really haven’t stayed long enough in any country outside of Canada for many weeks or months, so I haven’t had to go through any travel visa process.

    I am aware that Canadians with their Canadian passport, are near the top of the food chain in the global world of travel. Wealthy Canadians that have a 2nd home in the U.S., can travel and stay for several months as long as they have their passport. No need for visa. Canadians just need to come home within a few months or they will have to pay U.S. tax …for living there.

    I believe my partner, as a Canadian, to get a travel visa for China even though he was only going to be there for less than 3 days. This was just for a cycling conference. Taiwan requires Canadians to have their passport still valid 6 months AFTER the end of their trip in Taiwan. So he frantically had to hurry to renew his Canadian passport….thankfully Vancouver has an office for this. Only less than 5 Canadians cities offer passport renewal in-person (with right support documents)….if you are wlling to stand in line for 1 to several hrs. Keep in mind Canada is over 7,000 km. from west and east coast.

    But all worth it. Lots of learning and he ate very well….multi-course banquets of exquisite food.

    1. Only five cities offer the renewal in person? Wow that’s harsh in such a huge country! Infill and and Germany and standard size city is offering it so you never have to travel more than. 40-50km to the next place πŸ™‚

      This also reminds me that I should renew some kind of paper soon but am not too sure which as I have two passports and two it’s due to my dualnationality and all of them are spread somewhere in the apartment.

      There are some special offers now in some major Chinese cities offering at least a weekend stay without visa or was it even five days? Not sure now but I do hope they will open up more. With my Finnish passport I have also much access to countries, I think the Finnish passport is ranked second and the German fourth

    1. Yes, I think I will have more than enough material to write about soon, just three weeks of freedom left for me now.
      Visa should never a problem when everything is filed properly and of course the backgrounds of the inviter and the invitees fit, otherwise it can be a huge problem πŸ™‚

  9. We read this post a few days ago on our phones but because we have had wifi issues did get a chance to comment. Seems like the “forces” to reckon with want her there to help you out πŸ™‚ Look at it from that way!
    Three months will fly and plus by the end of it, you will be getting ready for your trip!

    1. It really appears that our trip to China (and hopefully Korea) are the light at the end of a very dark time for me. Let’s see how quickly time will fly past but I bet I will have more than enough material to write about with her here

  10. For visiting, it is okay for Taiwanese, as they now can stay 3 months in Germany with normal visitor visa. But getting married was a total different thing, as Taiwan is not an acknowledged country by Germany, so all papers needed to be “re-legalized” (yes “legalize” is the correct word the authorities are using), in several embassies – a mess. At one point the guy at the marriage registry office in Germany asked me: why don’t you just marry a German, that would be so much more easy! Wow, and he was serious!

    1. Oh this sounds messed up. Still wonder why so many countries do not view Taiwan as an independent country.
      With the normal visa my mother in law can also stay three months in Germany/ Europe. However when we go to China I have to apply for the visa and also state how many days I am gonna stay, really annoying sometimes

      1. Ya! Blood type is pretty critical in Japan, primarily for personality categorization. As for the Visa application, I’m not sure what the reason is. I’d probably have to do some digging to find out. Some people I’ve spoken to think it’s odd (even in Canada) to not know your blood type. I suppose if I were a blood donor, it would make sense, but it’s not something that I have needed very often.

      2. Oh, I forgot about the blood type personality hoax in Japan. Really wonder why people belief in that in Japan but then again, why would believe anyone into the astrological signs in the rest of the world πŸ™‚

      3. It *is* curious. I’m still baffled, years later. Hitoshi has heard it his whole life so even though, logically, it’s been disproven and makes no sense at all, he still happily goes along with it. I’m okay following it too, even though it’s ridiculous. πŸ˜€ *shock* You don’t believe in your horoscope?!!!!

      4. No, not really. Usually they are written in a way that anything could be applied and thus they often sound true :p

        In China they also copied this blood thing a bit but I don’t think it ever became even close as popular as in Japan^^

      5. Which is the joy of horoscopes! (That they could always be true.) Right? Right? Right? πŸ˜€

        That’s interesting China did the blood personality type thing, too. Do you know much about when it took hold and then died? I love this pop culture type of thing.

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