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Lost Treasures: Old Family Pictures

Recently I went through my picture collection on my computer again and found some family pictures of my wife. We originally used them for our wedding in Finland to screen in the beginning in the background but ever since then I had forgotten about them. I must say there are certainly some old treasures, especially when looking and MIL: She always had this special evil in her eyes!



In this picture you can see forcing her daughter on a picture just to pose as she always does.



This is from the wedding day of my in-laws, note the impressive hairstyle of FIL!


LostTreasures2Yup, sometimes there is actually snow in Xi’an


LostTreasures1Not even my wife knows where to find giraffes in Xi’an, furthermore it is doubtful that MIL knew what animal it was. Most likely she thought it is a mouse with a very long neck and spots.


Before I forget it, the featured picture on top is the infamous group picture where MIL doesn’t know who her own daughter is…


Have you recently found again some old family pictures?

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