Lost Treasures: Old Family Pictures

Recently I went through my picture collection on my computer again and found some family pictures of my wife. We originally used them for our wedding in Finland to screen in the beginning in the background but ever since then I had forgotten about them. I must say there are certainly some old treasures, especially when looking and MIL: She always had this special evil in her eyes!



In this picture you can see forcing her daughter on a picture just to pose as she always does.



This is from the wedding day of my in-laws, note the impressive hairstyle of FIL!


LostTreasures2Yup, sometimes there is actually snow in Xi’an


LostTreasures1Not even my wife knows where to find giraffes in Xi’an, furthermore it is doubtful that MIL knew what animal it was. Most likely she thought it is a mouse with a very long neck and spots.


Before I forget it, the featured picture on top is the infamous group picture where MIL doesn’t know who her own daughter is…


Have you recently found again some old family pictures?

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42 thoughts on “Lost Treasures: Old Family Pictures”

  1. Yes, actually, my mom and I were at her house in Thailand when her sister gave us a few pics she had found. One of them was this great photo of my (now deceased) father and his mother. It was taken in the early 70s so it’s very hip and mod. I put it as my profile pic on FB and my cousins showed my grandma and she cried when she saw it. She had forgotten the picture and was touched to see it.

    1. Pictures can be a good reminder of nearly forgotten time and things. My father has a picture of his father together with his parents and siblings. In that picture it can be readily seen that my father looks pretty much like his grandfather back in the 1920s! Currently I am working my through family tree stuff and it is very interesting as there are so many things coming up no one knew about anymore

      1. It sounds like you will be going through a rewarding time. Enjoy the journey into your family’s history πŸ™‚

    1. She actually accuses her mother each time when the crazy woman comes up with some strange tips on raising our child. Her father recognized immediately who his daughter is on that picture but the mother…hope, no idea still πŸ™‚

  2. Your MIL is stunning πŸ˜› Hopefully she doesn’t read this in case she annoys you πŸ˜› lol but just being honest πŸ˜› and FIL hair in that picture is EPIC! You should post old pics of yourself too!

  3. I haven’t looked at any old photos of myself lately, but in December I got to see my fiancΓ©’s pictures from his younger days, as well as his parents and some relatives I have never met. His teacher even brought old photos to show me from his school days.

    I think FIL must have been very popular in those days! His hair is very fashionable. I agree with elenimichelle, to scan some of your own childhood photos ^^

      1. Your MIL & FIL are both pretty famous it seems ^^ I enjoy hearing about their escapades!

        Not personal photos, but yearbook photos. Since he had the same teachers for several years from elementary school through high school, they have known each other a long time. Do European high schools have yearbooks for each year?

  4. Your MIL is actually very beautiful and seems to haven’t aged a bit [which, in all honesty, is great news for your wife as she inherited her genes]. I think your wife is the one on the right in the feature image – am I right?

    1. Actually I believe she is the one in the middle, and I do hope I am not wrong otherwise she might kill me πŸ™‚

      Though MIL doesn’t seem to have age I believe her brain started to dissolve some decades ago…

  5. That is crazy, Crazy. Like what Constance said, your MIL doesn’t look like she has aged much. She looks so happy in all of those photos, like she’s very proud of being a poser for the camera. Why, maybe she thinks herself as a model…Also, her outfits look quite well put together.

      1. I am not surprised to hear that. I haven’t seen her in real life, but won’t be surprised if she walks and carries herself elegantly πŸ™‚ Hope you’ve been well this week.

      2. Interesting to hear. You and your video cam, Crazy. Perhaps one day you will make a famous movie starring MIL and the world will watch it πŸ˜€

  6. For a number of years, I threw my photos in a few boxes. Now it’s fun to rediscover them, but I’m sorry I didn’t date them. So far I remember who most of the people in the pictures are, but I suppose it would be a good idea to identify them.

    1. My mother has a similar problem sometimes. Few pictures have dates on the back and other do not have anything but her memory and then it can be sometimes a timespan of up to ten years that picture might have been taken.
      I on the other hand have barely any pictures in a psychical form as thousands are slumbering on my hard drive , waiting to be edited and printed out πŸ™‚

  7. It is always amazing to see pictures from the past. When I look at pictures showing me as a baby, I am always so amazed, how much our daughters look like me when they were babies. It is such a great feeling to know that something from yourself will continue even if you will leave the world someday.

  8. My grandmother had some early photos of her family that were fascinating! I think my uncle has them now – especially the ’12 tribes’ one with all the siblings taken at the turn of the century (as in 1900s).

    Remarkable how precious these photos pre-digital phone camera were! Now kids are overly documented – FB groups just for documenting the little one’s adventures are established early… every moment captured and commented upon!

    1. Old family pictures are very rare and it can be very nice to see perhaps some similarities between yourself and some great grandparent.

      Too true, these days are just too many pictures and people do not appreactiate them anymore enough. We tried to print out as much as possible from our son and have also a photo album for him πŸ™‚

      During holidays I prefer taking videos and making a holiday movie, thus there is also some longer lasting memory than some pictures lost on your phone or hard drive

    1. My mother in law is not the smartest when it comes to animals. Once in Finland we past by a herd of cows and she asked if those are sheep…I don’t know, just really strange she is

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