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The Naming-Stage has begun

Ever since the article “Family 4.0 in progress “ we had multiple appointments with the doctor and ultrasound check-ups in order to determine that everything is fine and most importantly to see the gender. However each time the doctor could only say “the baby doesn’t want us to see it yet”. That would be fine but we heard this sentence six times! Yes six times the baby prefered to hide from the prying eyes of the doctor. Meanwhile a friend who is pregnant as well got to know the gender during the second check-up already. My wife was stressed, very stressed as she wished for a girl and also because she was annoyed of her mother telling every few days what gender the child might be.

After hearing “the baby doesn’t want us to see it yet” once again in the middle of the week we decided to have yet another check-up in a nearby city. We were at the doctor before at week 11 for some risk evaluation and they got a 3D-Ultrasound there through which you can see all kind of details. Back then the doctor knew already the gender but was not allowed to tell yet. This is because due to regulations stating that before the end of week 12 of the pregnancy the gender can not be told (here a little article regarding the reason for it) . So the only person knowing the gender was not allowed to tell us back then. This time however it was week 23 and we were ready. The primary goal for this check-up however was to make certain that everything is fine with the baby. The doctor was going on and on about the different development stages and that everything looks fine with a sudden”and its a girl”. I did not even realize him saying it as I was busy building some toy cars with Nathan and my wife also needed a few seconds to realize what just happened.

Meimei I am waiting for you here with Totoro-san

So yes, we are expecting a baby girl and Nathan will get a Meimei 妹妹 and not a Didi 弟弟. As you might expect my wife is full of joy right now and checked out all kinds of girls clothing already. My wife told pretty much everyone she knows about it just seconds after leaving the doctor’s office. Of course she also told her mother about the gender and her reaction was “see I told you all the time it is a girl, I am always right!”. You might remember her calendar thing and what gender the child will be according to all kind of stupid nonsense, over the past months the gender she foretold changed every few days… Right now we are in process of thinking of some names which is really no easy task. Thankfully we still got till May to decide on it and I have no doubt at all that MIL will have some really stupid name suggestions once again.

What crazy names might MIL come up with?

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