Family 4.0 in progress

Next year will be again a special year for us. In previous blog posts I mentioned already that we won’t be going for holidays in 2017 and we got a very certain reason for it. No it is not because our business is taking too much time but something more important. In May of next year #Nathancuty will be a big brother! We wanted already for longer time a second child but always things got in between such me having a very bad health condition for nearly the entire year of 2015 and my wife having lots of dental troubles (no good when being pregnant!).

As you might imagine my dear mother-in-law has been pestering us for a second grandchild ever since Nathan was born. Sometimes she would even ask my wife several times a day something along these lines “You sure that you are not pregnant? You got fatter!”. MIL is also a person who believes all kinds of nonsense, especially when it is some viral message on WeChat, because you know whatever is posted there must be true. Because of that she did not believe even that Nathan would be a boy untill he was born because of some kind of calendar in a WeChat Group stating that the child would be a girl…

Yes, back in 2010 we did this stupid MorphThing as well…

My wife is now 16 weeks pregnant and we do not know the gender yet as the baby is not really cooperating during the ultra sound check-ups. This also reminds me that the whole pregnancy situation in Germany is very much different from our experience in Finland but more about that in another post in the next months. When my wife told her mother that she is pregnant MIL was immediately like “No no, can’t be a girl according to the calendar”. That’s it, her comment at first was only that the child can’t be a girl, nothing else! Few weeks later she send my wife a message “I have great news, I have this new calendar and it says that the child will be a girl!!”. Really woman? She drives me insane.

Back then Nathan was still so peacefull

I for myself do not really care whether it is a girl or a boy. My wife is a bit different and only wants a girl (aka Chinese perfect Family). MIL, well MIL wants of course also a girl so she can brag about the perfect family in front of her friends and we all know how she loves to brag about stupid things like this. Father-in-law has said nothing regarding this so far but I guess he is busy trying to stay sane as he has to endure his wife every single day. I also have the slight feeling that he won’t comment even after the birth for some long time. When Nathan was born the only time he contacted my wife was to send her some advertisement. Yeah he is not a man of many words.

Nathan just few hours old, I still hate myself for not taking that hat with me from the hospital!

Recently we started to think about possible names and it is not easy at all. So far we had Zero ideas besides Nataly in case it is a girl but in my opinion it is a bit silly to name the girl Nataly just because her brothers’ name in Nathan. We (I) came up with Nathan back in the day pretty quickly as the name is easy for English speakers and for Germans as well (+ I got the idea for Nathan because Nathan Adrian, an American swimmer, won the 100 freestyle at the 2012 London Olympics). You know any famous mixed Athletes who won recently big competitions? I am kind of out of the loop when it comes to sports as I am even too lazy to watch sports and my wife is absolutely clueless when it comes to sports or famous athletes. All I know is that MIL ain’t allowed to decided the Chinese name for the child. She named too many kids already and they are marked for life (wife’s sister is called ChuChu, Nathan loves to make that noise when he imitates a train).

How did your parents come up with your name?  Or in case you are a parent, how did you decided on you child’s name?

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60 thoughts on “Family 4.0 in progress”

  1. Congratulations 🙂
    And all the best for coming up with a good name. And it is a great idea to not let MIL help you with it. My MIL named niece and nephew, and well, nephew’s name contains “Fook”, the Cantonese work for luck. Not the best choice to come up with in the West….

    1. Haha Thank you 🙂
      Let’s see if it is a girl. I kind of have the feeling I would be one of those dads who would have a baseball bat ready for some of her possible “love interests” in later years…

  2. Congratulations!!
    I hope that you two will not only come up with the perfect name (regardless of the gender) and that you will be able to enjoy a pregnancy without complications.
    Looking forward to reading more about your (already) perfect family 😊

  3. Congrats!!!!!!! Wonderful news! Hopefully MIL will stay sane down the track…but well, from your stories about her and how she changes her mind so often, you just never know 😂 As for names, good luck with that. There are a million of them out there. Maybe MIL can help out but then maybe not, oh no… 😀

    1. Nah, MIL better does not help out at all when it comes to the name.
      I really do wonder how a person can change their mind and opinion so often, sometimes a few times a day 😮

      Anyhow we are looking forward to May though my wife is not really looking forward to the months till the due date…well she knows how troublesome especially the last couple of months will be

      1. Maybe your MIL has a few minds in her mind, or many different voices that she calls her friends. Or maybe she wants to try all ideas and try everything.

        Maybe the second time round will be easier. You never know.

  4. Awesome news!!! So many congratulations 😍. How we came up with our baby’s name? Well, my husband loved playing this videogame named the The Tower of Babel as a kid. Years before we were even pregnant, he remembered the game and realized he liked Babel as a name for a child. I immediately loved the sound of it and when he explained it means “confusion in sounds, especially concerning language” I knew it was perfect as we knew we would raise our future child trilingually. It’s officially a girl’s name but we liked it for either gender. So now our son is named Babel.

    1. What a wonderful story regarding the name, makes Nathan’s name sound boring :p
      You were lucky that you didn’t give birth in Germany, the naming policy is really crazily strict here! The first name has to be gender specific in most cases which is just stupid…
      Anyhow we still got a few months left for a name 🙂

      1. Oh wow, that sounds bad to me. Both Babel and his potential sibling’s name are non-gender specific (in our opinion) so we would have had a problem in Germany. I heard that in Denmark you have to pick a name from a list of preapproved names.

  5. First of all big congratulation on great news. It is exciting time to wait for a baby and even more so when you wanted one for a while.
    Sorry not good with names but just glad to know that MIL is not naming he baby.

    For us, we wanted to name our daughter from Newari words and there was limited choices so it was not too hard choice 🙂

    1. Thank you, names can be really hard especially when you need several like in our cases (first name which is easy for both English and German speakers, a second name which is Chinese and a third name in Finnish !)

  6. Congratulations on the good news!!! I’m sure you will come up with a great name. I’m looking forward to reading more of your future family drama, I’m sure it will be mostly good but a little crazy 🙂

  7. What exciting news!
    I asked my swimming husband, and he suggested Lia as a girl’s name after Lia Neal (Olympic medalist in 2012 and 2016 relay events) whose mother is from Hong Kong and whose father is African-American. Or if your baby is a boy, you could name him Joseph, after Joseph Schooling of Singapore who is of mixed race and who beat Michael Phelps to take gold in the 100m butterfly at Rio.

    1. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about those two! Really wonder where my mind is sometimes especially when it comes to swimming which I did myself professionally till six years ago 🙂
      In a few weeks we have another appointment at the doctor, perhaps we are lucky and find out the gender

  8. Congrats! Oh, wow, baby names…well, I can think of two successful mixed-race writers, Heidi Hellig and Alyssa Wong if you want girls names. Or Philippa Soo, who was the original Eliza (and brilliant) in the musical HAMILTON.

    Can’t wait to find out what you decide and how MIL will make the most of this.

    1. Baby names are really soooo difficult, especially when you think that the decision you make will be for the child for a lifetime. I never liked those popular names (the ones they even make lists about) which nearly everyone has in each generation. I had three Daniels, four Franziska and whatnot all else in my class in elementary school 😮

  9. Congratulations! You are going to be very busy with 2 kids at home, will you have time to continue writing the blog? 😛

    About the names, I don’t have kids but I keep myself informed about the latest name trends in Spain (every year I download the National Institute of Statistics which lists the most popular names for babies that year). When (if) I have a baby I want to choose a name that is not too popular so there won’t be classmates with the same name! When I was a kid there were so many Anas, Inmas and Paulas in my school!

    1. Name trends are silly, aren’t they? I had similar experience back I school, some names are just happening too often.
      I don’t have any doubt that I will be able to squeeze in some time for the blog even with another child :p

  10. Lovely news, congratulations to all of you!

    It would be interesting to hear about similarities and differences when it comes to pregnancy and health care systems in Finland and Germany. I’m looking forward to your posts 🙂

  11. What good news – I hope your wife is having a smooth and comfortable pregnancy. Naming a baby is a minefield, everyone and their auntie has an opinion.
    For the child’s western name it is entirely your choice.
    However having lived in China many years I am aware how seriously the choice of name is taken, and usually it is NOT the MIL who decides. Some couples consult experts to get the most artistic/auspicious name, and then the suggestion is considered by the seniors in the husband’s family. The baby then gets given a Chinese ‘baby’ name as well, which is used through their childhood.
    There are so many pitfalls! I have met 101 little darlings called ‘xiao xiao’ or ‘xixi’ – nothing individual.
    One of my husband’s British colleagues here in BJ named his baby daughter ‘Layla’ (western name) the Chinese were horrified as in Chinese it sounds like the word for ‘tired’!
    When my grandsons were en route, my daughter used to wind me up suggesting they had chosen some outrageous name or other. I had to bite my lip and tell myself I would love the child whatever the name. In the end she and SIL chose great names for the boys.
    Politely but firmly tell your MIL to butt out – she can choose the baby name – that’s it!

    1. Oh naming that is such a hard topic and then the Chinese ideas about names…
      Anyhow with our first child my wife forced her own idea through and thus shut out her mother or any other relatives from the naming part. They certainly gave some suggestions but nothing even remotely close to being acceptable. My wife decided after our son was a couple of weeks ago on his Chinese name and it fits perfectly. The Pinyin is “Yiran” as I can’t figure out once again how to right his name properly in Chinese on my keyboard…anyhow it means something like peaceful and quiet or even gentle which suited is personality as a very young baby perfectly and is even today, nearly three years later still his personality 🙂

      Oh and about kind of standard Chinese names…I know sooo many friends of my wife who are called either Meimei or Xiaomei…they ain’t creative out there

  12. Congratulations! 🙂 Wonderful news for your small family 🙂
    What kind of a sensible, normal parent talks about the gender of the baby the first moment they get the news?! But then again, I guess this blog was born because your MIL is so far from normal..
    Nathan is a nice name indeed! I have no idea what you could name your future daughter (if it will be a daughter:) ), certainly not chu-chu! Makes me laugh, ha ha.
    My name was chosen as a suggestion from one of my dad’s friends. It is a very popular (but a nice one :p ) name, and every year at the school there was another “Pooja” in the same grade when growing up, sometimes with the same surname even! I found it annoying when I was a teenager but I don’t feel that way anymore. Due to my name being overly common, my parents and I chose a unique name for my younger sister, I think she’s happy with her name ha ha.

    1. With MIL nothing is normal at all.
      Here in Germany they have ofc also many common names/ famous names of the year. Sometimes it was ridiculous how many people we had with the same names in the class 😛

  13. Congratulations! I’m so glad to hear the good news. My older grandson’s name is Nathan. My daughters’ names are all traditional: Christine, Teresa, and Rose. For me, the name should sound beautiful and have good not bad connotations. My nephew recently had a baby, and they figured old-fashioned names were good as long as you went back to names that were popular about three generations ago. They named their baby Ruby. They were looking for a name that wasn’t too popular or too unusual. I think it’s also important to look at the meaning of the name. Most baby name books give that information. Nicole, for example, means victory of the people. Nathan means gift.

    1. Thank you for the tips. Names are always something so special as you grow up with it and it will follow you all your life (that is if you keep it! My Uncle changed it back in the day when Sovjiets still tried to get former Ingermaa People back to their country…). We still have time and I guess it is best for now to wait till we know the gender 🙂

  14. Congratulations for you all! Yes, you will be both waaaay busier. I hope that your health will be better by then. It’s demanding have more than 1 young child. (I’m not a mother but have watched my 3 different sisters deal with their kids.)

    Nathan is a great name for a boy. Does he have a middle name? If so, is it Chinese or Finnish?

    My name, Jean is very rarely used by next generations after me (which is the Baby Boom generation from 1950’s to early 1960’s in North America). My name takes after 1-2 famous American movie stars at that time. I find my 1 syllable name dull. At the same time, I don’t like it when people call me “Jeannie”. I like Jeanette. Of course French is Genevieve.

    My Chinese name which my parents used for me, translates as “Precious” or “Highly Treasured”. Apparently it was popular in Chinese. So is my middle name which is only Chinese, Lun, which translates as Orchid. Apparently very popular for girls, at least, um over 50 years ago. 🙂 I guess it’s like the English girl’s name, “Rose”, “Lily”. Does the Finnish language have popular female name after a flower? German is Marguerite…like the white flower.

    My nieces names are: Laura, Vanessa and Ella. The nephews are: Kevin, Derek, Jason and Jackson.

    A criteria when my parents selected our names, was that my mother, who doesn’t speak English much at all, she had to be able to pronounce it easily. So Cynthia (with difficult consonant blend, th for the Chinese) got thrown out. Sylvia got used instead…for a sister.

    Enjoy choosing names with your wife. It’s gift forever.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. By now my health has improved greatly and I am at least at 90 if not even 95% of my fromer strength.
      Nathan has both Chinese and also Finnish middle names. Nathan Yiran Antti to be precise. Antti was the name of my mother’s uncle and Yiran is what my wife came up with for his Chinese name which translates roughly into gentle or calm. She chose that name after he was a few weeks old and behaved very calm with a “gentle cry” compared to other babies we met until then 🙂
      I am actually not sure about Finnish language has female names after a flower. I even checked now some flowers in Finnish and they surely do not sound like anything a girl wants to have as a name. On the other hand there are also some interesting female names in Finland such as Satu (my cousin’s name) which translates into Fairytale!
      By the way my mothers’ first name is Sylvi, the Finnish version of Sylvia

  15. Wonderful, Yiran. 🙂 I had a sister (who died several years ago and was 1 yr. younger than). Her Chinese name translated like Twilight or Dawn. I miss her.

    For Sylvia, her Chinese name is Ling Ling….which I don’t know what it means. But to me, it sounds like a little ringing bell. 🙂

    Wow, lovely Finnish name for Fairytale.

    So I think I’m justified to call myself Precious Orchid. .,..because I am.

    1. Some languages really do have beautiful/ a wonderful meaning behind the name. For example here in Germany everyone thinks that they have just a name but they never really do check what the name might mean. I did not even now that my name comes from Timotheos and has with that origin a real meaning

      1. My partner has told me the meaning of some German names….but only names which he knows the English translation. Some of the translations were a bit dull –ie. farmer /rural related. His German has eroded..being Canadian-assimilated. Some parents don’t think it’s meaningful to tell their children which is the attitude my parents took. Yet, they spent some effort to find nice Chinese names for us.

      2. Yes, you are right. I grew up at the time, a small city in Ontario where the early settler/immigrants in 1800’s were Mennonite, and German. So my school classes were dominated by children with last names of: Dietrich, Schneider, Martin, Wagner, Rempel, Epp (which is more Mennonite), Zehr, Schmidt, etc. I took this all for granted until left for university in other city. The city celebrates Canada’s largest Oktoberfest and has several German-CAnadian clubs that go back 75-100 yrs. old. And so I am familiar with Heidi, Monica, Renata, Ingrid, Peter …names that tie in with German ancestry. So my vague familiarity to German stuff goes far back into childhood. Local manufacturing plants were Schneider’s Meats, Kaufmann Footwear, Bauer Skates (very well known nationally for ice hockey skates) ,etc.

      3. I didn’t even know that there are such big groups/ population of Germans in Canada. I only knew that around thunderbay are many many Finnish people who migrated there just before and after WWII

      4. Yes, you’re right about Thunder Bay. In Alberta, we have had some dominant Ukranians since farmland was cheap in the 1800’s to early 1900’s.

  16. I read this post on my phone last week and made a mental note to leave a comment when I had time using my laptop.

    Congrats!! I hope your wife is doing well and her pregnancy goes smoothly!!

    As for names, my son’s name was the only name my husband and I could agree on.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      I have often troubles remember where I wanted to comment something I read previously on my phone (and couldnt reply due to stupid internet!).
      So far the pregnancy has gone very well and by thursday we might actually know the gender and can better plan for the name

  17. I believe I congratulated you and your wife on Instagram or was it FB? Anyway, I never formally did it here on your blog, so CONGRATULATIONS! Here’s hoping for a smooth and pleasant pregancy 😀

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