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Family 4.0 in progress

Next year will be again a special year for us. In previous blog posts I mentioned already that we won’t be going for holidays in 2017 and we got a very certain reason for it. No it is not because our business is taking too much time but something more important. In May of next year #Nathancuty will be a big brother! We wanted already for longer time a second child but always things got in between such me having a very bad health condition for nearly the entire year of 2015 and my wife having lots of dental troubles (no good when being pregnant!).

As you might imagine my dear mother-in-law has been pestering us for a second grandchild ever since Nathan was born. Sometimes she would even ask my wife several times a day something along these lines “You sure that you are not pregnant? You got fatter!”. MIL is also a person who believes all kinds of nonsense, especially when it is some viral message on WeChat, because you know whatever is posted there must be true. Because of that she did not believe even that Nathan would be a boy untill he was born because of some kind of calendar in a WeChat Group stating that the child would be a girl…

Yes, back in 2010 we did this stupid MorphThing as well…

My wife is now 16 weeks pregnant and we do not know the gender yet as the baby is not really cooperating during the ultra sound check-ups. This also reminds me that the whole pregnancy situation in Germany is very much different from our experience in Finland but more about that in another post in the next months. When my wife told her mother that she is pregnant MIL was immediately like “No no, can’t be a girl according to the calendar”. That’s it, her comment at first was only that the child can’t be a girl, nothing else! Few weeks later she send my wife a message “I have great news, I have this new calendar and it says that the child will be a girl!!”. Really woman? She drives me insane.

Back then Nathan was still so peacefull

I for myself do not really care whether it is a girl or a boy. My wife is a bit different and only wants a girl (aka Chinese perfect Family). MIL, well MIL wants of course also a girl so she can brag about the perfect family in front of her friends and we all know how she loves to brag about stupid things like this. Father-in-law has said nothing regarding this so far but I guess he is busy trying to stay sane as he has to endure his wife every single day. I also have the slight feeling that he won’t comment even after the birth for some long time. When Nathan was born the only time he contacted my wife was to send her some advertisement. Yeah he is not a man of many words.

Nathan just few hours old, I still hate myself for not taking that hat with me from the hospital!

Recently we started to think about possible names and it is not easy at all. So far we had Zero ideas besides Nataly in case it is a girl but in my opinion it is a bit silly to name the girl Nataly just because her brothers’ name in Nathan. We (I) came up with Nathan back in the day pretty quickly as the name is easy for English speakers and for Germans as well (+ I got the idea for Nathan because Nathan Adrian, an American swimmer, won the 100 freestyle at the 2012 London Olympics). You know any famous mixed Athletes who won recently big competitions? I am kind of out of the loop when it comes to sports as I am even too lazy to watch sports and my wife is absolutely clueless when it comes to sports or famous athletes. All I know is that MIL ain’t allowed to decided the Chinese name for the child. She named too many kids already and they are marked for life (wife’s sister is called ChuChu, Nathan loves to make that noise when he imitates a train).

How did your parents come up with your name?  Or in case you are a parent, how did you decided on you child’s name?

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