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Three Months of Madness

Dear crazy mother-in-law is back again. That sentence alone is already enough for a whole blog post as it sits heavy. Last time she was here for three months was last year when she came here in the middle of April. Oh how happy I was when those three months with her were over and yet here I am once again and hear her voice somewhere in the apartment.

#Nathancuty doesn’t know yet what evil has come

Yesterday evening we went for the Hamburg Airport to pick her up. Surprisingly nothing weird happened there. She did not try to force her way past the security checks no nothing. I was actually kind of shocked that she was not coming out with a police escort or similar, perhaps there is still hope for her. As it was already late when we got home there was not much time for her to pull of any crazy stunts. She only  fixed herself some dinner and then went to sleep. Sounds alright except of her standard snoring. You know I wrote about it already somewhere but a starting plane is a joke compared to her snoring. In Suzhou I was able to hear her snoring through the wall as she had a room next to ours!

Why is this happening to me?

Today it also was eerily quiet with her. She prepared us lunch and nothing broke. I am wondering if it is really her and not some kind of cyborg. Okay she could not do any harm yet as I was closely watching that the kitchen would survive at least the first day. I even bought several sets of new kitchen rags which I will secretly exchange over the next three months, no need for disgusting kitchen rags which are so dirty that they might develop some life form suddenly. Nothing broken yet, sounds kinda boring don’t you think? Well she managed one thing today as we went to the lake nearby to dip our feet in the water. She was holding Nathan and went deeper and deeper in the lake until the poor little thing did not only had his diapers soaked with water but his shirt as well, thank you MIL.

What crazy stuff will my mother-in-law pull off this time?

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