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This and that

Once again more than two weeks have passed since my last blog post. No I did not lose motivation when it comes to blogging nor do I have a writer’s block. It is just that way too much is happening in our everyday life that I find only very limited time to invest into my blog/ following other blogs on a regular basis. In my last blog post I talked about our Life with two kids and how hard it can be to balance raising them and running a company besides trying to find some spare time in the end of the day.

Half the papers for 2017

Back then I did not imagine that things could get much harder for us but I was so wrong. Just two days after that article was published I got a call from the local tax office that they want to check out our company tax paper. Even though we always did all of the tax work properly we had to double-check everything. I think I might have nightmares about those two weeks of double checking for the rest of my life. We finished with everything at 4.30 am last thursday and the person from the tax office came at 9am! For the last few days I have been trying to just recover from this madness as there was nothing else each day than working, taking care of the kids and going through the tax papers till very late night. Now that this is mostly taken care of (still one small visit next week but nothing we can prepare anymore) I can finally start doing other things in life again such as going to do some sports in the morning before work, reading and thinking about my blog again.

The old area where my in-laws live

So what has happened to us in the past months besides tax office madness, too much work and being all the time ill due to Nathan bringing all possible diseases from kindergarten? Not too much as that is already enough but we also won’t be able to go to Poland this year even though we still had plans for that this summer. Reason for this is a surgery my father had recently and he needs to recover from it so the trip will hopefully happen next spring or latest next autumn. Apparently we are also buying an apartment in Xi’an but that is not 100% certain as of now. No we won’t be buying it for living there ourselves but it will be for my in-laws. There is this new apartment block and it is on the property of the old factory the whole family used to work. Because of this (I actually don’t understand why) they get some discount on the price so the apartments are roughly 25% cheaper for them. In fact the whole crazy family is getting apartments there so they can live together.

The new tower…

I am myself not convinced about that area as it is first of all more in the outskirts of Xi’an and then there is also nothing really close by. No supermarkets or anything so my in-laws would need to take bus everywhere compared to their current prime location right in the historical old town of Xi’an where everything is just a short walking distance away. Another problem is that they renovated their current apartment few years ago entirely so in case they want to rent it out it will be trashed within short time. Personally I just hope they decide to stay in their old apartment. Not only because I have zero interest in living in that new area when visiting them and needing to go everywhere by bus but also because it would be probably better for them to stay there. I mean they are also not the youngest people around any longer and then moving from a place they have lived for over 25 years to another area where nothing is close by and they don’t know any of the neighbours?


What is your opinion about my in-laws moving to a new apartment?

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