Holidays in Finland Part II

Here we go now with the second part of our holidays in Finland. Today the blog post will be a bit different, similar to the article Nathan’s World from 2014. We had a great time at  grandparents cottage for the first 1 1/2 weeks but it was time to leave and travel to Helsinki for another four days before returning back home.The trip started too early for me, my mom woke me up so early that it was still dark outside! I can’t remember really what all happened but suddenly granny kissed me and said goodbye. Before I could do anything I was in grandpa’s car and we were driving somewhere. As always I fell asleep in the car and woke up in some weird town where we took a bus. Dad mentioned something about “This is so cheap, cheaper for all of us than a single train ticket!”. I don’t know how cheap that is but I was certainly not comfy in that bus. It was soo full of tall people and the bus driver was making weird Finnish jokes over the microphone all the time. At least I was able to sleep a bit more and when I woke up, guess what, yeah another city again. What a strange thing, seems like each time I sleep these days I wake up somewhere else. My parents talked about this strange place called Helsinki, can’t remember that I was ever here before though.

There are really many people in this Helsinki

From this strange Helsinki place we went by bus to another strange Espoo place. There some Chinese man waited for us at the bus station and helped my parents to carry some stuff. We all went to an apartment and it was full of people and even a little princess! All the people were talking non-stop so I went to play a bit hide and seek with the little princess, what fun that was. It got even better when daddy finally had the airbed ready for some non-stop jumping action with the princes. This “bum bum 跳跳 (Tiao Tiao)” is soo much fun, can’t understand why my parents looked so annoyed. Anyways at some point I was forced to go to sleep again but at least when I woke up I was still at that great place with the airbed.

Me and the princess

After getting some breakfast from Chinese crazy granny we took once agin a bus back to this Helsinki place. My parents surely surprised me when we went to this wonderful theme park called Linnanmäki. Wow it was so much fun there and it seemed my parents didn’t even use any of this strange money thing. Still don’t understand this money, they need it for everything but always complain that they don’t have enough. Crazy Chinese granny was doing stupid stuff again and I nearly had to throw up after being in a ride with her as she was spinning this wheel all the time. Mommy was kind of angry with granny later but it seems that granny didn’t do anything wrong and that it was actually mommy’s fault, I don’t really understand granny sometimes. The food at the theme park was wonderful, so many french fries and ketchup! We should eat there more often. Later daddy went away to meet with uncle Tatu and some other friends and he only returned shortly before I was going to sleep, they must have a lot to talk about.

Crazy granny is scary

Next day I woke still up at this place, are we staying here forever? We all went again to strange Helsinki and went to a place full of Moomin stuff! Wow, so many Moomins everywhere but suddenly we left and I didn’t get anything, bad people. A bit later we were at some place eating Chinese food, it just tasted like China, we should come back here more often.  Afer this we were in some kind of park and there were so many children. Even the police was there and I think my parents tried to get my arrested as they always wanted to put me on some police motorcycle, good that I fought against it, I am too young for the prison. Daddy called this Lasten Festarit at Töölönlahti, no idea what that is but it was fun. Mommy showed me some kids who were doing kicks and said that I would do this Tae Kwon Do as well soon, looks certainly interesting I just hope they have french fries as well there. There was so much to do together with the little princess, jumping, running, singing, eating lollipops but somehow the old people looked so tired, what a lazy bunch. We left the park and crazy granny pointed out some sea gulls but daddy said that it was actually a swam, don’t know what is true.

The sea gull/ swan

We left those nice people and went together with mommy, daddy and crazy granny to some restaurant were other people were waiting for us. Guess what there were two other little princesses and we had so much fun running around, unplugging some lights and having crazy granny running after us all the time. I don’t know when we got back to the airbed place but I woke there up again later. Something was wrong as it was too early again and we took a big car called taxi where we put all our stuff and drove to Helsinki again. There we took this great train and shortly after that we were again at the airport where I had been few times before. Crazy granny was doing crazy things at the security control again, she is just so funny but the security staff didn’t seem to like her funny stuff. Anyways it seemed that the great fun in Finland was over because later we arrived in Hamburg again and took once again a bus, I am getting sick of these buses…

How do you like bus trips?

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31 thoughts on “Holidays in Finland Part II”

    1. It is a giant seagull, rather common in the Nordic countries 😀
      The airport security and MIL…lets not talk about this one but it also involved her lifting up her jeans to cream her legs with some stuff she had forgotten in the carryon luggage

  1. Well, good job with the twist in point of view. Took me awhile to realize what’s going on with the blog post.

    Boy, you’re so easily pleased. fries with ketchup and little princesses are all it takes huh? Hopefully daddy and mommy do not introduce you to that nasty thing called the iPad.

    1. Yeah, I kinda forgot to add that it will be a bit different this blog post so I edited now to make it more clear for new readers.
      I was kind of bored about the normal writing as it is just so boring to recount what you have done during those days in the normal way.
      Fries, ketchup and princesses there is nothing more he needs 😀
      Oh and he found already all our tablets and phones which we have to constantly hide from him, he can already find his favorite youtube programs in case he finds a tablet and is 5 min alone with it 😮

  2. Crazy granny is so Chinese, why does she has her phone on sight even when riding that round thing? xD

    It seems you had a lot of fun Nathan! Loved your face on the third pic with the princess haha.

    1. She does not leave her phone at all. My wife has to take pictures of her non stop and she won’t just take a damn selfie stick -.-

      Nathan surely had fun and he is very good in making some crazy faces like that. He also has this “evil eye” he likes to use on strangers 😮

  3. Love Nathan’s take on the next part of the FInland trip. French fries – I think every little kid likes that. Easy to eat, and you can eat with your fingers and get dirty. You know, I am an adult and french fries are still one of my favourite foods 😀

    Nathan doesn’t look too happy with MIL in the teacup. He could have thrown up on MIL and she would make a big fuss in front of everyone 😛

    1. He just love french fries. Whenever we go out eating and he sees somewhere french fries he won’t eat anything else :p
      Nathan is often pretty annoyed by his granny, could be also why he threw up so often on her during the past months 😀

      1. Haha, then I suppose when Nathan goes to McDonalds all he wants is the french fries 😀

        Ohhh. Maybe Nathan doesn’t like the smell of granny or the perfume she may be wearing. 🙂

      2. Oh we actually don’t go to McDonald’s or similar except once each time in China. Somehow we just don’t like the food there so when we want/ I want a real burger or good fries I go to steak houses or some fast food restaurants specialized on making good fries 😀

      3. Good to know you have classy tastes in burgers. If we do meet one day, let’s go to a burger joint and stuff ourselves silly with fries…that is if Nathan doesn’t stop us 😉

  4. So you’re MIL didn’t want to waste her (probably expensive) she had to use it before getting through plane security. 😀

    1. Haha something like that. She actually had multiple creams with her for her joints, face, hands and so on. However they were pretty cheap and they were also from our stock (we do export to China 🙂 )
      The security guards looked rather confused when she started to apply all those creams. Funny thing is the night before (and early morning) my wife asked her mother several times to put the creams into the other suitcase and she always replied “Have done it already, worry about your own stuff”

      1. She is a very unusual person and quite concerned about her appearance..unless she has skin problems.

        In contrast, I’m such a lazy slug.

      2. She is always so concerned about her appearance but on the other side she is also a very messy person. Oh and in restaurants she leaves the leftover food everywhere except the plate and she does not change it at all no matter how often my wife tells her to stop that. In the end she is just very stubborn and blames everything she might had forgotten on her age (and each time we give her my parents as an example who are nearly 20 years older she just says it is because they are European and much stronger, don’t udnerstand the logic behind this though)

  5. So fun that Nathan is guest-blogging! So fun to hear about your vacation from his point of view. I’m sure he will enjoy reading it, when he gets a little older:)

    1. It was just getting so boring to just repeat what I had experienced during the trip so I decided to switch the perspective like i did few years ago 🙂
      I do hope he will like it when he is able to read this all and later perhaps also contribute, but that is all stuff for the future

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