Holidays in Finland Part I

First of all I am sorry for not posting any articles for the past three weeks but there were many things happening. During my “absence” we were two weeks in Finland and then the past week we were just too busy with work. At first I wanted to have only one blog post about our holidays in Finland but I quickly realized that I took first of all too many pictures and second that there is just such a clean-cut between our time at the cottage and those days spent in Helsinki. This first blog post about the holidays in Finland will be all about the days spent together with my parents at the cottage and next week will be about the four-day stay in Helsinki.

View on the lake

We had planned our holidays in Finland for some time as we wanted to meet up with some friends and because I also had to help with some things at the cottage. It was no trouble at all to find some good plane tickets but we somehow missed to check at first what time those flights would be. So we ended up arriving in Finland on a nice monday evening at 10pm! Sure it doesn’t sound that bad but the thing is that we had to get still to my parents cottage roughly 4 hours away by car. My dad picked us up with enough coffee in the thermos to keep me awake for the journey to the cottage. It wasn’t the most pleasant car ride I had as by the end of July the days were getting shorter again which meant it was nearly pitch black around midnight, half the trip we had heavy fog hindering us and worst of all we had to check non-stop for moose crossing the road. Yes moose as they are very common in Finland and they do love to come out of the forest at night to pester the roads leading to many dangerous situations which even end up deadly few times a year for both the animal and the person behind the steering wheel. Luckily we did not see any moose this time on the road but it still took a lot of energy to look around the whole car ride.

#Nathancuty making sure that his little cousin is not breaking the poor dolphin

Nathancuty, mother-in-law and my wife fell asleep pretty much as soon as we left the airport and only my dad stayed awake to keep me company while driving. The amazing thing is that as soon as we arrived at the cottage around 2:30 am Nathan decided to wake up and check out the whole place. It took over one hour to catch him running around and he was rather upset that we took him upstairs to sleep as he wanted to still spend time with his Mummo and Opa (Mummo is Finnish for grandmother and Opa is German for Grandfather). The following days meant work for me, a lot of work as I helped out with mowing the lawn, chopping wood, trying to get the outboard motor working again (I failed), cutting away reed in the lake with a scythe and last but not least making myself extra work by starting to build up a wall made out of large rocks. This might give you an idea that the days at the cottage was less holiday for me and more like a working camp. Besides all the work I also joined my father on the early morning bicycle rides around the lake, yes I had a full-time job there!

Wonderful nature everywhere

MIL, Nathancuty and my wife had a bit less to do. In fact they had a lot of free time there when they did not have to watch out for Nathan. That little fellow was rather keen in running around the cottage all the time, especially to the lake. Not that we don’ trust this big boy with his judgement when it comes to his non-existent swimming skills but it is better to make sure that he is fine. In their free time MIL, my wife and my dad went over to the neighbour’s property to harvest the area for raspberries. I believe they collected around 10 litres within a few days and my mother was fairly busy in making every day several jars of raspberry jam. We might be probably soon sick of raspberry jam as my parents come back to Germany next month with their car loaded with the sweet death in jars…

Are you talking to me?

One of the exciting days was when my cousin came over with her three children. You might remember her little daughter from this post when Nathan was fairly jealous of all her hairs. Let’s just say he is probably even more jealous now as she is sporting a lot of hairs while as Nathan might be better off with a monk hairstyle. During all the time at the cottage my dear Chinese mother-in-law had also some stuff to discover. For one thing that ducks actually survive out there in the nature without her feeding them, that seagulls are not ducks and that a rabbit is not a deer. Yes you read it right, she actually thought one evening that she saw a deer on our property and even described it “It was this big (waving her arms in huge motions) and it had very very long legs”. The thing is that there are not deers in that part of Finland but she was very sure that it was no rabbit because “I know how rabbits look like, especially because you have those two bunnies!”.  When we all went to investigate and she pointed to the place where she saw the deer a small rabbit came running out of the bushes and she was all like “Look there is the deer”.  Got to love her own believe sometimes.

#Nathancuty driving a small tractor

During one of the last days we were invited for lunch by our cottage neighbours who own a farm about 30 driving minutes away. The farm is just huge and they had on a wall a document stating that the farm has been in their family since the 1670s! That is certainly a long line of farming business there but sadly it might soon end as it is just not profitable anymore these days. After a delicious lunch we went for a little walk around and also stoped by their Galloway cattle herd. Last time we had visited them back in 2014 when Nathan had is first encounter with them. The whole area was just breathtaking (not because of the smell from the farm!) and I do hope we can go there next year again. All in all I can say that it was something special for me to visit Finland again and spend time at the cottage. The house at the lake has been now in my family for 24 years and I spent every summer there in my youth so for me it is like a little safe haven, a place I will never forget.

Where have you been this summer?

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39 thoughts on “Holidays in Finland Part I”

  1. A rabbit for a deer. She must have thought those rabbit ears were the horns. 😀

    I’m jealous of Nathancutty, I have never driven a tractor before. It is one of the items in my bucket list.

    1. She surely has a odd perspective on things like this.
      You certainly should come to Finland then as driving a tractor is just one of the many normal things here (that is if tdont live in the capital!)

    1. Don’t ask about MIL, it is a mystery for all of us.
      Finland really has wonderful places and all the picture are just from that small area around our cottage. I really hope to visit NZ as it is on our bucket list 🙂

  2. Here in Washington State we have problems with deer (sometimes elk) running across the highway. When the car is moving fast, even a deer can cause a fatal accident. Fog makes everything worse.

    Great photos, especially “wonderful nature everywhere” and Nathan in the rocking chair. We all move around so much, that it’s good for you to have an old familiar place to visit.

    1. Here in Germany we just have deers which sometimes do leave their forests and turn up on the roads. Thankfully all bigger roads in Germany are pretty much safe from wild animals due to fences.
      It was really wonderful to be back in Finland and some part of me actually does miss that country but I think this is just normal

  3. So nice! This summer I haven’t been anywhere, just working all the time -_- Well we went to some places in Suzhou but you know, not holidays. Luckily at the end of September we will go to Spain and I will spend the weekend on the beach apartment where I spent basically all my summers!

    1. Oh how nice for you to be able to go to Spain again. How long will you stay?
      Would have loved some time at the beaches here but well the weather is more like autumn or spring whole summer long…

      1. Yeah, it’s our annual visit 😀 We will stay for a couple of weeks, first with a stopover of a few days in Amsterdam!

      2. I hope to have a long weekend next year in Amsterdam as me and other guys are planning to “kidnap” one of our friends who turns 30 for a surprise flight and stay in that city 🙂

  4. That place is wonderful! Everything what an active toddler needs.You must have been feeling ecstatic despite running after Nathancuty because its nostalgic seeing a childhood place for you and now with your son.
    I really love following your stories about your crazy family 🙂

  5. I was wondering where you were! Good to know you were having a lot of fun over the past three weeks at the cottage and back home 🙂 Were you the driver right from the airport? If so it must have been a really long day for you :O

    It looked and sounded like never a dull moment. True that it sounded like work for you but the productive kind of work where everything looks more tidy and in order at the end. Also, nothing like returning to a place where you once grew up and feeling like a child all over again. Maybe you can go there again next year, and it can become like a yearly tradition and pilgrimage to a good time 🙂

    Your summer is my winter and I really haven’t been doing much. Trying to get a job and lazing around, but well enough again to go out exploring 😀

    1. Yep, I was the driver for the entire trip from the airport to the cottage :p
      It was surely a hard holiday with all the work there and due to my stupid idea of building that rock wall I even hurt my back. But anyways I have plans already that we go there next year again, especially as I have to finish that wall and also I need to get the overboard motor working again for our boat!! 🙂

      1. Timo, in a way you are Superman for making that drive in the dark the moment you landed 😛

        Take care of your back and hope it is not too bad. Plenty of rest now that you are back. Maybe next year Nathan can help a bit with your work 🙂

      2. Haha, don’t know about Superman. Back when I still lived in East Germany I came back from Finland by plane after the European Champs and had to drive from there 600km to the East to reach my school!

  6. No doubt the Finnish vacation was welcomed. And that nearby farmer’s family – 1600’s is long, long time for ownership! I believe a relative of my partner has had a vineyard and hotel since 1700’s in the family over in Germany.

    We took a short trip out to the Rocky Mountains and enjoyed the beautiful scenery on bike. 🙂

    1. Raspberries are great as long as I don’t drown in them! I actually had planned to take MIL, my wife and Nathan to another half dried out lake just ten minutes away from our cottage for some moose, swan and crane sightseeing tour as that place is swarming with them at that time of the year. However as the perfect viewing time would have been past Nathan’s bed time I decided against it but perhaps next year 🙂
      To get out into such beautiful nature just feels wonderful, one of the few things I miss about Finland

  7. It looks like I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on here! The cottage looks so relaxing and lovely, and how wonderful that you got to create some new memories there with Nathan. I’m sure he’ll remember his times there as much as you do. 🙂

    1. It can be really relaxing at the cottage, at least this is what I heard from others who didn’t had to work there (particualry my wife and mother-in-law!!!). I hope to go there again next summer and I bet Nathan will start to remember at least from that point onward 🙂

  8. Why do white guys act like they’re victims for marrying Asian women? Life is on easy mode for white guys, all you have to do is show up and get an Asian woman. Now you decided to raise your poor kid in a racist ass country where literally he sees NO ASIAN MEN WITH WHITE WOMEN AT ALL, how do you think that’s going to shape his life outlook?

    The kid is probably already damaged. I’m Eurasian, I wrote the number one blog on being Eurasian in the known world, you think he won’t find it?

    1. I wonder where I wrote that I feel like a victim for being married to an Asian woman? Besides that I do not think that you can just summarize that all white men get instantly Asian women without even doing anything. Sure there are plenty of examples just by looking at many of those “expats” or those very special tourists…but in case of myself and also few others I know it was a long battle in the end…
      Sure there are racists here in Germany but racist ass country? I don’t think so as the people here seem thus far very inviting and friendly since we moved here. Oh I forgot, just one of our neighbours are actually a married old AMWF couple and I know of few more here in this little town.
      I don’t know what all happened in your life but it seems you went through a lot by going through several of your blog posts but I do not think you can call my child damaged just due to his heritage. Besides it seems you think that all Eurasian men are damaged so what for example about Nathan Adrian or many other famous “mixed” athletes, actors, models, singers and and and, I doubt that they see themselves as damaged but well, I don’t think any of my points will be valid to you anyways as it seems that you have made up your mind about the world a long time ago.

      1. White men are so creepy with their obsession with fantasy Eurasian babies. How many times do you play around with the word “master race” in your head?

      2. In fact I had never thoughts regarding master race when it comes to myself as such ideas are just bs. So far anyone I have heard of or even met that any ‘race’ is superior had some serious issues with their lives or where basically the village fools.
        How on earth you developed such crazy obsession that white men are all evil in the world and how come you did not answer to any of my questions? Or is my assumption that you have made up your mind up regarding this topic too true and nothing else is able to penetrate your bubble of fear and hate any longer? You sir are a real mystery to me

  9. Welcome back from Moomin Land:) In Denmark, Moomins are called Mumi-trolde, and my sister and I usually call my mom Mumi, -almost like the Finnish Mummo:):) Fun to hear about your MIL’s nature encounters:)

    1. In Swedish they are called Mumintroll at least what I remember from the Swedish subtitles from back in the day.
      In Finnish the word for mother is äiti so mummo seems like a total different word compared to other languages making yours and your sister naming your mom mumi very funny 😀

    1. It is really a wonderful place. Mil has been there before together with FIL back in 2013 a week before our wedding. Dear mil is surely bad with animals as I will have few other similar happenings in this blog soon…

  10. Ohh I have a nostalgia for Finland after seeing this post. The cottage and the area looks so, so lovely. Omg, drive at 10 PM until 2:30 AM sounds like a nightmare.. I hope you had a good rest the other day. Your MIL crazy as usual.. Deer for a rabbit hahah. But did she say that in Chinese or English? Because if it was English then maybe she was confused with the word? hehe. Little Nathan seems to have enjoyed a lot! What language does he communicate in with the little Finnish girl ? 🙂 Or he doesn’t talk in full sentences yet?
    I had never been to a farm in Finland, but I remember vast empty fields just outside of Kokkola whenever we went for long drives. Finland is a very special country to me and I terribly miss the Finnish summer and sauna 🙂 Maybe I should visit next year or so.. I wish the country wasn’t so expensive though.

    1. He used well, I dont know what language with his little cousin, could be Chinese he tried i Guess… :p
      The prices in Finland are really insane, I am just happy we live in Germany now!
      MIL actually only speaks Mandarin Chinese so yeah, she is just messed up with animals. Last weekend at the zoo she was wondering how a dolphin can move so okayish on land (it was a seal!!!)

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